Leveraging Machine Learning to Better Understand Employee Performance: Introducing Lattice Sentiment Analysis

October 30, 2019
 — by 
lattice team

More often than not, the most actionable data about your people hide deep within free-text comment responses. In context of Performance Reviews, it's hard to learn everything from ratings — insights from employees' comments, and deeper context about performance allows for meaningful action. But analyzing every review by yourself at a large organization is arduous, if not impossible. 

We know you don’t have time to read every single review response — so that’s why Lattice Sentiment Analysis is here to help do it for you — instantly. Sentiment Analysis continuously analyzes open-ended comments so you can uncover insights that scores don't and learn what impacts performance from your employees’ own words.

With Lattice Sentiment Analysis, you can:

Uncover Hidden Insights: Sentiment Analysis automatically tags every open-ended response with a sentiment score, so you can identify discrepancies, patterns, and problems faster than ever to drive more informed action.

Connect Sentiment to Performance for Deeper Actionable Insights: Understand how employee sentiment and employee performance are linked for even richer insights and better business decisions.

Go Beyond Performance Ratings: Lattice's NLP engine leverages leading artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to provide the most accurate and rapid sentiment tagging possible, so you can leverage all of your performance data to listen, learn, and take action.

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