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compensation decisions

Access impactful, industry-leading benchmark data with Compensation Benchmarks, powered by Mercer
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Take the guesswork out of compensation

Access exclusive benchmark data directly in Compensation to inform, build, and manage your compensation strategy.

Identify and retain top performers

Reduce turnover and hiring costs by using market data to ensure employees are paid competitively and equitably for their role, location, and industry.

Make better compensation decisions in today’s fast-changing market

Accurate, real-time information helps you make data-driven budget decisions that support employees — ensuring equity, efficiency, and consistency across your business.

Reduce internal pay disparities

Empower your team to have transparent compensation conversations. Proactively see how your salaries will be perceived by employees, then put your best foot forward.


Learn more about building a competitive Compensation strategy

HR’s guide to setting a Compensation strategy

What you need to know for a more holistic, transparent, and equitable approach to employee pay.

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