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Employee Performance
Reviews Your Way

Lattice adapts to fit your company’s performance management model whether you run annual performance reviews or quarterly development cycles

360º Feedback

Get feedback flowing in every direction to ensure every employee has the fuel to drive individual and company growth.

Self, Manager &
Direct Report Feedback

Kickstart meaningful conversations between your employees and managers instantly.

Project-Based Reviews

Purpose-built for  project-based teams, with reviews that don’t align to the traditional org chart.

Automated Reviews

Set up automation so you can seamlessly onboard that new employee or get everyone on the same process and cadence at once.

Customer Story

How Lattice makes Performance Reviews enjoyable at Turo

Turo — 2min
painless setup

Seamlessly Manage the Entire Performance Review Process

painless setup

Seamlessly Manage the Entire Performance Review Process

Customizable, Expert-Built Templates

Expert templates based on best practices from thousands of reviews, with the flexibility to make them your own.

Flexible Review Cycle Management, at Every Moment

Customize your cycle to run on your terms automatically and track progress on the entire process so you can easily make adjustments when you need to, whether it’s pre-launch or mid-cycle.

Turn Calibration Stress 
into Ancient History

Lattice Calibration eliminates risk, ensures fairness, and makes the experience seamless for everyone involved.

The employee review experience reinvented

Every review with all the context you need to write them in one place, so your process is streamlined, accurate, and fair.

  • Streamlined Review Workflow
  • Built-in Context
  • Integrated with Goals & Feedback
  • Highly Flexible & Configurable

Instant and Actionable Performance Insights

Powerful People Analytics tools to help you make the best decisions about your people.

Customer stories

How Button Achieved a 100% Performance Review Completion Rate

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