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Lattice for OKRs activates every employee around your company strategy and connects employee success to business success

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Zach Wright
With the help of Lattice, OKRs create hyperfocus that transcends through our whole organization.”

Prioritize your people strategy and business strategy, together

Set a clear vision and direction for your company,  communicate your focuses

Activate every employee around strategic objectives

Take your vision and get every employee aligned around it from the CEO to the front line. Connect their contributions to business outcomes so they achieve their full potential.

Reflect and measure the impact your people have on the business

Create moments to measure progress, allow for course correction, and set you and your company up for future success.

Get your entire company on the same page with crystal clear objectives

Lattice gives you a speedy, frictionless surface for setting and tracking transparent OKRs that drive collaboration and business results.


Go beyond alignment and activate every employee

Objectives need to be injected into everyday moments like 1:1s, status updates, and even performance check-ins so they continuously guide work rather than sit on the shelf.


Create moments to measure progress and make plans for success in the future

With Lattice, managers and business leaders can track goal status and progress to identify where they can take action and keep the company on track, while employees can measure their own success.


Get the most up-to-date information with integrations where you already work

Lattice Goals integrates with Jira, Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and across the rest of Lattice to make sure that goals stay front-and-center and get acted on continuously.

Lattice Advisory Services

Premium OKR Services from Trusted Experts

Lattice Advisory Services offers Objective & Key Result Strategy Packages along with a Consulting Partner Network to get your OKR program up-and-running with confidence.

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See leaders from Qumu and Sampler discuss how OKRs activate every employee and achieve business outcomes.

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