Activate employees and accelerate business growth with OKRs

Clear OKRs activate every employee around your company strategy, connecting people success to business success.
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Keep teams aligned and on track for success

Lattice integrates your company OKRs into your team’s daily routines to continuously guide work and encourage stronger performance centered on shared success.

Center your entire company around clear objectives

Lattice gives you a speedy, frictionless way to set and track transparent OKRs that drive collaboration and business results.

Empower employees to drive impact from day one

Inject OKRs into everyday moments like one-on-ones, status updates, and performance check-ins so they continuously guide work rather than collecting dust in a spreadsheet.

Easily measure progress and set your team up for success

With Lattice, managers and business leaders can track goal status and progress to identify strategies for taking action and keeping the company on track. Meanwhile, employees can easily measure their own success every step of the way.

Share updates across all of your (other) favorite tools

Integrate Lattice with all the platforms your team works across (like Jira, Salesforce, and Slack) to ensure OKRs stay up to date and top of mind.

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OKRs in Lattice Strengthen Leadership Accountability and Transparency

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When your people perform, your business does too.

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