Better One-on-One Meetings

Managers & reports collaborate on agenda every week.

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How Lattice 1:1s Work


Agenda Collaboration

Each week, managers and reports work together to build an agenda to help guide the conversation.


Take Notes

Capture the important parts of the conversation and next steps.


Next Steps

Make sure you follow up on the important action items that you discussed.

The manager-employee relationship is the fundamental unit of the performance management process.

Managers set performance expectations, and provide the coaching needed to help an employee get there. Within the manager-employee relationship, the 1:1 meeting is the main mechanism to facilitate this conversation.

How Lattice Helps Managers with 1:1s

The 1:1 tools is designed to improve how you manage your team.

Team Dashboard

Track all of your 1:1 meetings from the team page, and make sure you look at the agendas ahead of time to prepare in advance.

Elevate Performance Planning

Build a goal setting culture where everyone knows how to be successful.

Customize Cadence

Set the timing of 1:1s to match your schedule, and change the time when necessary.

One-on-One Resources

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