Drive performance
across your company
with goals and OKRs

Employees know how they can impact the company and their careers.

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2,000+ organizations trust Lattice to drive performance & engagement

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Even the best goals are wasted when they collect dust

To fix broken goal setting, objectives need to be a part of every day, their impact & purpose need to be clear to employees, and they must drive performance forward.

Lattice integrates Goals into everything your teams do – and the results are tangible: more aligned and productive 1:1s, actionable, targeted feedback, and stronger performance centered on shared success. Teams set ambitious, meaningful goals they use to self-motivate and engage in their work.

Elevate performance through people-driven objectives

By making your company objectives clear, employees align ambitious personal achievements with the success of the entire business.

Inject goals into
the flow of work

Traditional goal-setting leads to documents and spreadsheets that collect dust.

With Lattice, goals become the north star for every conversation, so your leaders are always up to speed and your employees are always focused and engaged.

Seamlessly set, track, and achieve goals

Lattice enables a streamlined goal-setting process. Out-of-the-box reporting and analytics surface immediate insights to help make more proactive decisions about organizational performance.

With Lattice, you can’t help but be successful with your company goals.