Activate every employee with Goals and OKRs

Accelerate growth by connecting individual achievement to organizational success with Lattice Goals
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Designed for impact

Set transparent Goals that drive collaboration and business results

Get everyone in your company on the same page by making strategic objectives crystal clear. Lattice gives you a speedy, frictionless surface for setting, tracking, and reflecting on goals.

Integrations with mission-critical systems

Get the most up-to-date information with integrations where you already work

Lattice Goals integrates with Jira, Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams to make sure that goals stay front-and-center and get acted on continuously.

Take action

Act on Goal progress data in real-time to keep your company on track

With Lattice, managers and business leaders can track goal status and progress to identify where they can take action and keep the company on track.

Activate every employee

Increase employee engagement by connecting your people’s success to the business’ success

Objectives need to be injected into everyday moments like 1:1s, status updates, and even performance check-ins so they continuously guide work rather than sit on the shelf.

How Qumu uses OKRs to tackle Key Business Drivers

Find out how adopting OKRs has allowed Qumu to more fully embody its goals as a company, especially as an all-remote organization.
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Your MBOs, SMART Goals, V2MOMs, KPIs, all in Lattice

Lattice Goals supports all kinds of frameworks for goal-setting across your company or for individuals. Learn more in HR’s Complete Guide to Goal Setting.
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