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Lattice Compensation

Connect performance and compensation to drive employee engagement and retention

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Compensation Overview

Compensation reviews, simplified

Put manual processes on autopilot with our streamlined setup, launch, and tracking workflows. Seamlessly include performance data in your compensation review process.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Replace tedious manual work with a streamlined solution. Lattice Compensation helps HR teams easily manage every part of the compensation review process in a secure, centralized hub — so you can put spreadsheet stress in the past.

Connect performance and compensation

Seamlessly include performance data in your compensation review process. Create compensation guidelines using performance ratings, compensation ratios, and more — empowering clarity and consistency across the entire company.

Stress-free collaboration and record-keeping

Make compensation decisions more transparent and equitable for all. Our notes and review tools help managers, directors, and executives provide context about specific recommendations and actions.

More transparency for managers and employees

Close out compensation reviews and share the outcomes with managers in just a few clicks. Then, generate employee-centric compensation communicatons so everyone can understand exactly how their compensation package is changing.

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