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Performance Overview

Business success begins with people

Lattice is a holistic platform that connects employee performance, feedback, and career growth.


Run feedback cycles that work for your organization

From project-based to 360-degree, painlessly set up and administer review cycles employees and managers love. Lattice highlights context from updates, peer feedback, and goals so you save time — effortlessly tracking everyone’s accomplishments and improvement areas.

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Make meetings more effective by getting the context you need for a productive conversation.

Collaborative agendas and action items with integrated Goals, Feedback, and Growth Plans mean your conversations are continuous and impactful.

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Don’t wait until the annual performance review to get feedback from managers and peers.

With Lattice, you can build a culture of continuous feedback and act on suggestions in real time — fueling growth from wherever you work.

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Recognize and celebrate employee wins

With Praise in Lattice, everyone can see that public recognition — directly in Lattice, in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and on in-office screens.

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Prioritize the most important work and clear obstacles

Ensure everyone is on the same page about progress toward goals, where your team needs help, and how everyone is feeling with Updates.

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Customer Story

Performance tools that empower managers and employees

Introducing Olivia

For People teams

A customizable solution that People teams can tailor to build a culture of continuous feedback and growth, elevating the work of employees and managers alike.

For managers

Give managers the tools they need to understand how their team is performing in real time and become better coaches.

For employees

Intuitive tools employees can use to communicate, request feedback, and take ownership of their growth
and development.

Performance management employees love

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Learn how to embrace continuous performance management

When your people perform, your business does too.

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