Run review cycles that work for your organization

Whether you run annual reviews, quarterly development cycles, or project-based reviews, Lattice adapts to your needs.

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Uncover growth opportunities and bolster your workforce with an informed talent strategy.

Streamline top-down talent reviews to gain deeper insights into your current talent, reduce bias, and enhance overall performance.

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Ensure productive communication between managers and reports

Make meetings more effective by getting the context you need for a productive conversation.

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Optimize performance through a culture of continuous feedback

Receive cross-functional feedback all year round, and use Lattice AI to summarize it all to help write a quality performance review when the time comes.

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Prioritize the most important work and clear obstacles

Ensure everyone is on the same page about progress toward goals, where your team needs help, and how everyone is feeling with Updates.

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For HR teams

A customizable solution that people teams can tailor to build a culture of continuous feedback, growth, and accountability — improving performance across employees and managers alike.

Photo of Matt Poladian
Performance management is so important because it connects individual performance – what is required and expected – to the collective performance of the company. That way, somebody can really understand where they are, not just as an employee, but as part of the fabric of the company and in the marketplace.
Matt Poladian
VP of People

For managers

Give managers the tools they need to understand how their team is performing in real-time with AI-powered insights and become better coaches.

Photo of Lucy Maresco
Lattice gives managers all the tools they need to be effective and manage their teams proactively as opposed to reactively. It allows for that two-way relationship between manager and direct report to happen more naturally and more consistently.
Lucy Maresco
VP of People

For employees

Intuitive tools employees can use to communicate, request feedback, and take ownership of their growth and development.

Photo of Erica Rafael
Lattice has helped us create a system that’s predictable not only for our people team but also for our employees. They know what to expect, when to expect it, and what tools they’re going to use to do it.
Erica Rafael
VP of People
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Better together

Every tool you need to power strategic HR

See how Performance connects with the rest of the Lattice platform.


Run performance reviews to align employees on where they meet, exceed, or fall short of their roles' expectations.

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Connect engagement and performance data to understand regrettable turnover risks.

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Integrate OKRs into performance management to create alignment and drive achievement against top business priorities.

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Seamlessly connect performance review cycle results into compensation decisions, creating fair and equitable pay outcomes.

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Seamlessly connect performance review cycle results into compensation decisions, creating fair and equitable pay outcomes.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Lattice’s performance management software help HR departments do their job?

Lattice's performance management software streamlines core HR processes by providing an all-in-one platform for goal setting, feedback, and performance evaluations. This allows HR teams to make informed decisions, nurture talent, and prove their ability to drive success at the organization.

Why do companies need a performance management system?

Companies need a performance management system to align their talent with strategic goals, foster a culture of continuous feedback, and enhance communication in order to drive organizational success and long-term growth. 

What is the difference between performance management software and performance tracking software?

While performance tracking software primarily focuses on monitoring key metrics and activities, performance management software offers a comprehensive suite of tools for improving performance  — including goal setting, feedback, and performance evaluation.

Who uses performance management software?

Performance management software is used by HR and people professionals, executive teams, managers, and employees across various industries — empowering organizations of all sizes to enhance communication, track progress, and drive continuous improvement.

What is an example of a performance management system?

Lattice is an example of a performance management system that offers goal setting, real-time feedback, performance reviews, and employee development tools to empower companies to foster a high-performance culture.

What is the purpose of performance management software?

The purpose of performance management software is to make the most of your talent by driving alignment on goals, providing feedback on performance, and delivering detailed regular reviews of work.

What is performance management software?

Performance management software is a technology solution that helps organizations with setting, tracking, and evaluating employee performance in order to drive efficiency and productivity. 

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