Performance management
employees love

Employees know how they can impact
the company and their careers.

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Performance management employees love

Employees know how they can impact the company and their careers.


Reflect on individual performance and get formal feedback from peers and managers alike. Rich context is built-in so you save time and don’t forget anyone’s accomplishments or improvement areas.


Get the context you need for a productive conversation. Collaborative agendas and action items with Goals, Feedback, and Growth Plans integrated mean your conversations are continuous and impactful.


Don’t wait until the annual performance review, build a culture of continuous feedback. Lattice enables teams to give and receive the feedback that fuels growth from wherever they work.


Recognize and celebrate employee wins with Praise that everyone can see — in Lattice, in Slack, around your office, or integrated anywhere.


Prioritize the most important work and clear obstacles with Updates that keep your manager and your whole company on the same page.


Performance Management Software Reimagined

Performance reviews bring a lot of anxiety for employees and human resources. Giving peers feedback can be hard because you don’t want offend anyone, and writing your own review can feel like it has big implications on your career. In fact, 78% of employees are dissatisfied with their performance review process. In recent years, this has led to a number of companies ranging from GE to Deloitte to Adobe, to revamping their traditional performance appraisal process and move away from old school software solutions like SAP's SuccessFactors.

At Lattice, we've found that when you completely remove performance reviews (also known as performance appraisals), and just move towards a system of only real-time feedback you’re making the process less transparent and more chaotic for employees. Employee performance management solutions need the combination of real-time feedback and employee-performance reviews.

So we've set out to build an end-to-end performance management process that makes the process easy for employees, transparent for everyone at the company, and adaptable to different cultures. When implemented, this process will drive employee productivity, improve employee engagement, and ultimately increase your company's bottom-line.

Lattice is a holistic SaaS performance management software that aligns all your HR management software needs, including: goal setting, employee engagement, performance appraisals, HRIS & HCM integrations (such as BambooHR), check-ins, mobile app, 360 degree feedback -- all in one user-friendly talent management HR solution.

We strive to be an employee performance management system that's easy to use for human resources, managers, individual contributors and executive teams.


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