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Every Lattice customer has access to our Customer Experience team who have helped 2,500+ organizations create a performance management and engagement program they love.

We believe that a successful experience with our platform starts with a seamless implementation process coupled with continued support throughout the journey with Lattice.

Meet Your Team

We know your people are everything. That’s why 
our Customer Experience Team is committed to making sure that you feel welcomed and successful from the moment you begin with Lattice so that you can focus your time and energy on the things that matter the most - building the best workplace and culture for your people.”
Gillian Heltai, Chief Customer Officer


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From our Customers
Lattice helps companies identify the moments, experiences, and relationships that make employees the most engaged, and gives data-driven
people teams the power to drive change and measure impact.
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The thing that most impresses me is how responsive the team is. The team is not only 
open to feedback, you do something with it. 
It's so inspiring to see a company that actually 
acts on client feedback quickly. I know so many 
of the improvements are connected to your responsiveness to your clients. So thanks for 
a great product!  We love it!“
Alli Myatt, COO at Teaching Trust
The customer support team at Lattice was always available within an hour to answer 
any questions that I had from an administrative standpoint or even questions from our hiring managers.”
Stephanie Mardell, VP of People at Button
Implementation Schedule
  • Kick-off call to determine goals and primary objectives
  • Manager & employee training
  • Live, virtual webinars focused on adoption strategies 
& best practices
  • Guidance on communications & change management
Executive Business Reviews
  • Revisit business objectives and discuss usage
  • Product roadmap updates & feature adoption recommendations
  • Iterate upon existing people management program
Onboarding Content
Ongoing Support
  • In-app chat and email support
  • Exclusive virtual events and webinars for product updates and feature best practices