Run an operationally excellent business with Lattice HRIS

Streamline operations and enhance your employee experience with a system admins, execs, HR, and employees will love to use.

Customize your employee record to meet the needs of your business

Manage employee data with advanced permissions, effective dating, and customizable fields designed for accuracy and security.

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Gain a comprehensive understanding of your people

Lead the conversation in the boardroom with access to a unified record of employee data spanning demographics, performance, engagement, and more.

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Remove manual work from your onboarding process

Make every new hire’s onboarding experience simple, consistent, and informative to accelerate their success.

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Build workflows that connect talent programs to operations

Capture the information, approvals, tasks, emails, and documents required to ensure every employee record change is consistent and accurate.

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Peace of mind for every pay cycle

Whether using Lattice Payroll or another payroll provider, ensure relevant employee detail changes make their way to the pay slip.

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5,000+ organizations trust lattice

Elite talent tools, finally in your HRIS.

Connect talent strategy to your operations with AI automation, cutting manual tasks and focusing on business growth.

It's been helpful to automate tasks and emails within our workflows to ensure we're not missing any steps in the process for both our team preparing to onboard someone or for the new hire as they get set up.
Ally Spencer
People Operations Manager
Trust & Will

Designed with love and care

Give your team a system that’s so simple to use they always know where to go to get things done.

Lattice HRIS is helping us unify our employee records into one, organized space. No more Google Drive personnel files or hand-crafted comp histories. Going forward, we can house it all in one, easily accessible, beautiful to look at space.
Amanda Heironimus
People Partner

Fast reporting, faster decisions

Fast reports and dashboards that let you turn your people data into meaningful insights.

Your people are your business

Ensure both are successful with Lattice.

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