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People Success is the foundation of Business Success

Agencies deliver high-quality work at a rapid pace — and that’s only possible by retaining talented teams. Lattice helps agencies reduce staggering churn by identifying, engaging, and retaining all-star employees through the Great Resignation and beyond.

Actionable feedback to inform your people strategy

“[Lattice] helps us stay in tune with what’s going on with everybody, and if people are struggling, we can go in and solve that.”

Julia Karnezis — Director of People Experience at TopSpot


Employees use Lattice 1:1s drive meaningful conversations with their managers, even remotely or asynchronously.

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Project and client feedback at your fingertips

Lattice’s project-specific performance reviews help managers solicit feedback from teammates while it’s still top of mind. And, external feedback requests put client feedback easily within reach.

Retain and engage talented team members

Managers have the greatest impact on employee experience. With Lattice, managers and employees can stay in sync through real-time updates. Plus, our 1:1 tools help people feel more supported thanks to employee goals and growth plans integration.

Keep a pulse on employee morale and company culture

Our pulse surveys help you stay in touch with your staff, uncovering actionable insights to propel your business forward. Plus, our eNPS lets you measure the employee experience and understand your employer reputation in the market.

99% overall customer satisfaction rating on G2

Learn how to engage and retain your top talent

How Foster Made Implemented Weekly Status Updates

Foster Made’s team posts more weekly updates per employee than 95% of other Lattice customers that are using the updates feature.

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