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Retain the people who make it all possible

Agencies deliver high-quality work at a rapid pace, and it’s their people who make the magic happen. Lattice can help you nurture top performers and build a business that will thrive in any economy.

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How Superside cultivates a high-performance culture with Lattice

“Everything that we’re currently doing would otherwise be impossible without Lattice. We just wouldn’t be able to track and execute these programs. Our team’s additional capacity exists because of Lattice.”

Miguel Vieira da Silva — Head of People Care , Superside


Of employees use Lattice 1:1s, reviews, and engagement

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Critical project and client feedback, at your fingertips

Lattice’s project-specific performance reviews help managers solicit feedback from teammates while it’s still top of mind. Plus, external feedback requests put client feedback easily within reach.

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Set transparent goals to achieve better business results

Ensure alignment across your entire organization by making strategic objectives crystal clear. Lattice gives you a speedy, frictionless platform for setting, tracking, and reflecting on goals.

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Instant insights, lasting impact

Engaged employees deliver better business results. Lattice Engagement gives you the tools needed to collect employee feedback, uncover critical insights, and take effective action.

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Learn how to engage and retain your top talent

Hear exclusive HR insights

On our podcast, All Hands, business pros share their proven strategies for putting people first. Learn from company leaders at Adobe, Pixar, Spotify, and more.

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When your people perform, your business does too.

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