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How Marvin powers a Data-Driven 
HR Strategy with Lattice

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Dynamic people analytics dashboards

HR teams have the power to filter employee data across a variety of dashboards. Below you'll find 5 common use cases from our customers.


Measure —
employee engagement

Lattice helps People teams measure employee engagement by sending everyone in the organization anonymous surveys to gauge how employees feel across a variety of topics such as sense of belonging, company pride, and quality of leadership.

To help People teams analyze engagement data, Lattice provides companies with filterable heatmaps that visualize employee engagement across a variety of characteristics.


Understand —
employee performance

Lattice helps companies measure employee performance and track performance over time. With performance review scored attributes and rating questions, companies have the power to identify high and low performers and visualize company performance across the company using our 9-box scatterplot graph.


Track —
the adoption and ROI of employee programs

Lattice helps companies build a culture of ongoing feedback, while also providing a dashboard for People teams to measure how many employees at the company are giving and receiving feedback.


Visualize —
management practices

Lattice provides tools for managers to have more impactful 1:1s, while also providing a dashboard for People teams to visualize whether one-one-ones are happening as the company intended.


Build —
a diverse and inclusive workforce

Lattice gives People teams the power to understand how different groups of people at the company feel about their company culture.

Tear down data silos with connected
analytics across the employee experience

Lattice centralizes Performance, Engagement, and Employee Growth data in dashboards that give you an understanding of your people & culture that would otherwise be impossible.


Confidence every step from insight to action

With collaborative action plans, research-backed suggested actions, and real-time results tracking, you’ll continuously improve the employee experience and drive strong cultural outcomes at your company.

Learn more about Driver Analysis & Action Plans

AI-powered insights to
uncover employee sentiment

Sentiment Analysis in Lattice continuously scans and intelligently analyzes open-ended comments so you can uncover insights that scores can’t. You’ll uncover discrepancies, see patterns, and diagnose problems faster than ever, without needing to read a single comment.

Learn more about Lattice Sentiment Analysis

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