Get insights to make data-driven people decisions

Maximize performance, productivity, and engagement across your workforce with advanced people analytics.

Make confident DEIB decisions

Get powerful insights that help you build a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace environment for all employees.

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Understand employee participation and identify areas for improvement

Your Adoption Dashboard shows everything you need to monitor, report, and improve employee participation across your people programs.

Give managers real-time insights to lead effectively

With analytics and alerts, managers have the tools they need to provide targeted support and development opportunities to their direct reports.

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Inform your people strategy and support employee growth

Scan customized data visualizations to identify high and low performers, track behavioral trends, and support employees throughout their careers.

Photo of Kirsten Lickel
For me, as an administrator, Lattice has given me newfound insight and visibility into my workforce so that I can ensure we’re realizing our potential as an employer for our employees.
Kirsten Lickel
VP of People

Get a picture of your total workforce with integrated data

Centralize your employee demographic, performance, engagement, and career growth data into dashboards that give you a holistic view of your people and culture.

Photo of Bill Haig
People operations can often be a very hard-to-measure concept. With Lattice Analytics, we can not only put measurable business metrics around the changes we’re making, but we can also ensure every voice is being heard.
William “Bill” Haig
VP of Operations

Feel confident at every step — from insight to action

With collaborative action plans, research-backed suggested actions, and real-time results tracking, you’ll continuously improve the employee experience and drive strong cultural outcomes.

Better together

Every tool you need to power strategic HR

See how Analytics connects with the rest of the Lattice platform.


Identify high-achieving employees across any segment of your workforce to drive stronger performance outcomes.

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Surface, diagnose, and address problem areas across your company before they degrade culture or performance.

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Make research-backed compensation decisions with Mercer data, allowing you pay your team fairly and competitively.

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Allow managers to track skill development progress for their teams, creating a growth-minded company culture.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Lattice’s people analytics software help HR teams?

Lattice’s people analytics software goes beyond traditional HR tools, offering a connected and holistic solution for talent management. It enables HR teams to gain actionable insights, streamline performance reviews, and foster a culture of continuous feedback, ultimately driving employee engagement and organizational success.

What does people analytics software do?

People analytics software collects, processes, and interprets data related to employees' performance, engagement, and overall workplace dynamics. It helps HR teams identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and optimize workforce management strategies for better organizational outcomes.

How do HR analytics help companies?

HR analytics empowers people teams to make strategic decisions for their companies by providing data-derived insights into recruitment, retention, and employee performance. Organizations can align their human capital strategy with overall business objectives, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

What is the benefit of using people analytics software?

The use of people analytics software offers businesses a competitive edge by enhancing decision-making based on comprehensive workforce data. HR can use this software to optimize processes, improve employee engagement, aid in talent management, and foster a high-performance culture.

What is people analytics software?

People analytics software is a powerful tool that enables organizations to collect, analyze, and interpret information about their workforce. It helps HR leaders to make strategic decisions by providing valuable insights into workforce efficiency, employee engagement, and organizational culture.

What is people analytics?

People analytics involves leveraging data to gain insights into workforce behavior, enabling organizations to make informed decisions about their employees. It helps uncover patterns and trends in employee performance, engagement, and overall workplace dynamics.

Your people are your business

Ensure both are successful with Lattice.

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