Set your people up to succeed — and stay long term

Act on onboarding and exit feedback to drive employee effectiveness, stability, and business continuity.
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Optimize the moments that matter for every employee

Get your new hires’ unique perspective on company culture. Act on it in the moment to make every employee’s first days memorable.

Smart and seamless lifecycle survey program setup

No more manual heavy lifting or ad hoc survey sending. Lattice makes requesting, tracking, and measuring onboarding and exit survey feedback automated and easy. Start right away with Lattice’s expert-built survey templates or leverage complete customization at your fingertips.

Rich, immediately actionable insights with cohort analysis and reporting

Identifiable responses to make your lifecycle survey programs immediately actionable. Aggregate individual scores give you a quick snapshot of an which employees you might need to follow up with. Individual question responses unlock where you can improve or double down in your onboarding process and employee experience.

Discover the factors that lead to regrettable attrition

Whether it’s in an employee’s first few weeks or their last days at your company, use Lattice to uncover the elements of their experience at work that influence retention the most.

“This is helping us to understand what our employees really qualify as inspiring. Lattice helps us share and distribute that information with our leaders, but also hold them accountable. It’s been an extremely powerful listening mechanism for us and our employee experience strategy.”

Kelsey Witmer — Director, Culture & Change Management at OppFi

HR people at OppFi turn successfully feedback into action by keeping engagement in surveys participation high.

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Learn how to deliver a great onboarding experience for every employee

New Hire Onboarding Survey Template

Your employees’ onboarding experience can have a big impact on their long-term engagement, performance, and overall satisfaction. Get feedback on your process with these questions.

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