Set your people up to succeed and stay long term

Act on onboarding and exit feedback to drive employee effectiveness, stability, and business continuity.

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Set up seamless lifecycle survey programs

Requesting, tracking, and measuring onboarding and exit survey feedback is automated and easy with Lattice. Plus, you can get started right away with expert-built survey templates.

Photo of Sarah Farnsworth
Lattice allows us to do [onboarding surveys] all efficiently. That's 300 hours that [we] get to put back into supporting staff and recruiting for new positions.
Sarah Farnsworth
Human Resource Manager
GreenState Credit Union

Get actionable insights with cohort analysis and reporting

Individual scores are aggregated to give a quick snapshot of which employees to follow up with. Individual question responses can uncover successes or opportunities for improvement.

Photo of Tanya Day
We were having trouble keeping track of the onboarding check-ins due to our company growth, and some of those check-ins were missed or delayed. Not anymore.
Tanya Day
Learning & Performance Manager
Nous Group

Discover the factors that lead to regrettable attrition

Whether it’s in an employee’s first few weeks or their last days at your company, use Lattice to uncover the elements of their experience at work that influence retention the most.

Your people are your business

Ensure both are successful with Lattice.

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