Uncover real-time insights about your people

Keep a pulse on employee engagement, measure impact, and identify areas for improvement with targeted surveys.

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Gather continuous, real-time insights.

Stop attrition in its tracks. Together, deep-dive engagement survey data and real-time Pulse insights help identify improvement areas and build the best workplace possible.

Photo of Sophie Martin
Lattice has become our early warning system. Because of our pulse and engagement surveys, we've been able to spot problems early and understand what's happening in the business before they become significant issues. We've been able to minimize attrition, improve engagement, and just build a better business.
Sophie Martin
People and Talent Lead

Share relevant, real-time engagement data

Keep teams, managers, and executives fully informed with shared access to learnings and engagement metrics.

Photo of Joe Lisuzzo
I think what [Lattice] has allowed us to do is take the pulse of the organization at large, and surface that information up to our executives and decision-makers in real-time. This has been hugely beneficial, especially in the remote environment.
Joe Lisuzzo
HR Manager

Turn insight into action and realize your impact

Observe how new initiatives and changes impact the employee experience in real time so you can course-correct or double-down.

Photo of Melisa Guerbi
I’m obsessed with both Pulse and the eNPS feature. I literally check the sentiment, eNPS score, and comments every day, so I can get a deeper understanding of employee motivation. Understanding their current mood and where their motivational triggers are is a day-to-day task for the People and Culture team.
Melisa Guerbi
Director of People and Culture

Your people are your business

Ensure both are successful with Lattice.

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