People Managers

Leadership is complicated. We make it easier.

Lattice empowers you to stay accountable to the business and your leadership values.

Care and capability. You don’t have to choose.

Lattice helps you plan for performance, while supporting your peoples’ wellbeing and growth.

Run a high performing team

Take the guesswork out of performance and productivity

Effortlessly maintain visibility into your team member’s projects and the impacts they drive.

  • Continuous performance feedback
  • Visualize progress toward deliverables
  • Organize 1:1s, updates and goal tracking
improve employee experience

Understand your team’s needs to remove blockers

Keep a pulse on your team’s health and satisfaction, then identify and intervene in problem areas.


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Maximize your impact

Be the manager you always needed

Lattice helps you show up meaningfully for your people.

  • Timely data on your team’s top blockers
  • Calibration tools to demonstrate fairness
  • Career guidance to help you empower your people
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success tools power results

Drive productivity through ongoing, actionable feedback

Align your organization to top-level objectives and link them to individual growth plans to keep priorities on track.

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Prioritize high-impact people initiatives

Gather information on employee sentiment, identify your biggest focus areas, and help employees feel heard.

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Keep sight of company priorities at scale

Implement, track and prioritize structured goals attached to clear business outcomes.

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Employee development for the new world of work

Transform talent management into talent acceleration.

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Power prioritization through data

Drive impact and innovation with advanced people analytics.

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Take the guesswork out of compensation

Merge benchmark data and employee performance to make data-driven decisions about employee rewards.

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The Lattice difference

People leaders everywhere are transforming their approach
to performance, engagement, and development with

Seamless integrations with your favorite tools

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“It just keeps us connected in ways that I don’t think any other tool has really been able to do.”

Landon Pearson , Chief People Officer

“It’s not the boring ‘set your goals’. With Lattice, it’s a natural, honest dialogue between manager and employee.”

Lauren Choate , Chief People Officer

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