Understand employee engagement

Run engagement surveys to collect feedback from everyone in the organization, so you can build a people-first culture.

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Get actionable insights with employee engagement surveys

Lattice's HR software platform is an end-to-end employee engagement solution that helps companies identify engaged employees and align performance review scores with employee engagement sentiment.

Engagement Showcase

People Analytics

Examine your company’s culture by filtering across different variables including department, manager, gender, and performance score. Determine the KPIs that are right for your organization to elevate action planning at your company.

Company Benchmarks

Measure engagement against past survey results to track the health of the company culture over time.

Question Templates

Question bank featuring  10+ themes ranging from diversity and inclusion to team effectiveness -- designed by a UC Berkeley social science department professor.

Build culture together

Lattice's employee-engagement software is designed to help both human resources and employees build a better culture together. Build a company culture that drives employee engagement and improves the employee experience.

Motivate Team Members

By measuring the health of your organization, employee engagement software helps to increase productivity and decrease employee turnover. This will help HR leaders build a talent development process across the company.

Employee Pulse

Drive action and measure impact with a  real-time understanding of employee engagement. Lattice Pulse gives people leaders a continuous stream of the voice of their employees so they can make the best decisions for and about their people.

Understand what drives top performers

Discover how employees perceive their work environment and the extent to which they are engaged and committed.

Lattice is the first employee engagement software to integrate with employee performance management software, making Lattice an all-in-one talent management and real-time feedback system. We're biased but we think it's the best employee engagement software available today.

Build Surveys

Build surveys that collect employee feedback and drive results

Survey launcher makes setting up a survey easy for veterans and first-timers.


Templates built by academics and practitioners

Save yourself time by adding top-level questions created by academics and practitioners.

Understand employee engagement