Engage employees and drive business results

Collect feedback, automatically surface AI-powered insights, and implement programs that improve productivity and retention. 

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Gather real-time data about how your people feel about work

Drive action and measure your impact with a continuous, real-time understanding of employee engagement.

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Optimize the moments that matter for every employee

Act on the feedback from onboarding and exit surveys — it could be the difference between regrettable attrition and long-term employee retention.

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Turn every employee into a promoter

Continuously measure your company’s employee experience with Employee Net Promoter Score®, and quickly identify sentiment with one question.

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Use actionable insights to improve your culture

Deep-dive engagement surveys help you get to the bottom of how you can improve every employee’s experience at your company.

Analyze your survey results in seconds – not days.  

Lattice AI automatically analyzes your results and open-ended feedback to deliver a key driver analysis, comment trends, and recommendations on how to take action to improve as soon as you close your survey. 

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Uncover what drives your top performers

With integrated performance and engagement metrics, you can understand how to optimize employee experiences for peak performance and unparalleled engagement.

Photo of Lucy Maresco
We love the ability to quantify where our employees stand in terms of themes in pulse and eNPS surveys. Data gives us the ability to have clear insight into our employee base and empowers us to create solutions to address challenges.
Lucy Maresco
VP of People

AI-powered insights that drive effective action

With Lattice AI, you get a key engagement driver analysis, feedback trends, and research-backed suggested actions delivered to you as soon as you close your survey. From there you can create collaborative action plans to improve the employee experience and drive strong cultural outcomes at your company.

Photo of Kimberly Nerpouni
Skeptics say feedback is squishy and not data-driven, but with Lattice, we can show our leadership team that employee feedback is tangible. They can see the data for themselves and understand that it’s legitimate.
Kimberly Nerpouni
VP of People Ops

Gather insights throughout the employee lifecycle

From hire to retire, Lattice gives you the tools to capture feedback from your employees about how to improve onboarding programs, reduce regrettable attrition, and improve employee engagement.

Photo of Pam Farago Morris
The comments that people wrote in were the best pieces of data. We created and thought of a ton of new programs and ideas and scrapped some programs that we realized wouldn’t work because people’s comments were thoughtful.
Pam Farago Morris
Director of HR

Close the loop on employee feedback

Work together with managers to respond to engagement survey feedback. Uncover great ideas, learn about your employees’ views, or address issues directly —  give employees anonymity so they can share their honest opinions.

Photo of Joe Lisuzzo
I think what [Lattice] has allowed us to do is take the pulse of the organization at large, and surface that information up to our executives and decision-makers in real-time. This has been hugely beneficial, especially in the remote environment.
Joe Lisuzzo
HR Manager
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Every tool you need to power strategic HR

See how Engagement connects with the rest of the Lattice platform.


Connect engagement data to performance metrics to understand the retention risk of your top performers.

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Nurture employee engagement and sense of purpose by showing employees how their contributions impact your business.

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Understand shortcomings across your organization to build the right learning programs.

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Identify, diagnose, and address problem areas across your company before they affect culture or performance.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Lattice’s employee engagement software solution help HR teams?

Lattice’s employee engagement software empowers HR teams by providing a centralized platform for engagement, performance management, feedback, and continuous improvement. With features like real-time analytics and personalized insights, it enables HR professionals to proactively address employee needs and enhance overall workplace satisfaction.

What are features of employee engagement software?

Key features include survey capabilities, templates, and employee recognition. Integration with communication tools, analytics for data-driven insights, and customizable dashboards are also common features in employee engagement software.

What kinds of employee engagement software are there?

Employee engagement software comes in various forms, including performance management platforms, recognition tools, and communication apps. Some solutions focus on specific aspects like surveys, while others offer comprehensive suites catering to diverse engagement needs.

Who uses employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software is used by HR professionals, managers, leaders, and employees across various industries. Organizations use this software to foster a positive work environment, improve communication, boost employee satisfaction, and drive organizational success.

Why use employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software streamlines HR processes, fosters open communication, and enables organizations to proactively address employee needs. It helps boost morale, retain top talent, and ultimately contributes to a more productive and positive work environment.

What are employee engagement solutions?

Employee engagement solutions encompass a range of strategies and tools aiming to create a workplace where employees feel motivated, valued, and committed to their work and the organization's goals and success. These solutions may include software, training programs, and initiatives to create a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

What is a pulse survey?

A pulse survey is a short, frequent survey conducted within an organization to gather real-time feedback from employees. These focused surveys help measure employee sentiment, identify issues, and facilitate prompt responses to improve overall workplace satisfaction.

What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software is a tool designed to measure, monitor, and improve the overall employee engagement within an organization. It includes features like surveys, analytics, and action planning to foster a positive work environment.

Your people are your business

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