Drive focus and progress with real-time status updates

Work towards critical company goals — proactively checking progress, overcoming obstacles, and ensuring everyone is on the same page.
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Updates Overview

Connect managers and teams more closely with weekly check-ins

Don’t waste precious one-on-one time delivering tactical status updates. Keep your team updated on progress in Lattice with just a few minutes a week.

Employees flag obstacles and keep their teams up-to-date

Employees respond to update questions to let their team know what they’re working on, how they’re feeling, and where they need help. HR teams and managers can customize questions in the update and set the right cadence to match your organization’s tempo.

Managers understand how their people are doing and know how to help

Check the temperature of your team with a simple question each week. This aggregates over time to understand your employee sentiment.

Lattice offers the right manager tools for a hybrid world

“I literally cannot imagine a scenario where we didn’t have access to Updates or 1:1s. I don’t even remember what life was like before. There’s no way we could have managed shifting from working in the office to everyone working from home without that kind of communication capability.”

Julia Karnezis — Director of People, TopSpot

TopSpot employees use Updates tool to let manager stay attuned to their direct reports in a time when they can’t physically interact.

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Learn how updates can help employees clear obstacles

How to Motivate Employees With Weekly Updates or ‘Snippets’

While companies can facilitate a rough version of Updates using Google Docs, people management tools like Lattice automate the process and even track how employees are performing as well as keep up with how they feel week-by-week.

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When your people perform, your business does too.

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