Provide transparency around development

Your employees want to grow. Ensure they know how. With competency matrices, each employee will be clear on their role expectations and understand their path to career advancement.

Improve retention through continuous career development

Empower employees to drive their own career growth. Our easy-to-launch Individual Development Plans help employees achieve meaningful, continuous growth.

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Ditch the spreadsheets for clearly defined paths

Career tracks and templates help you effortlessly manage role expectations as your company evolves.

Ensure development isn't an afterthought

Integrating career conversations into everyday manager-employee conversations helps guide company-wide growth.

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Make employee expectations crystal clear

Illuminate career advancement opportunities to keep your employees engaged and committed.

Photo of Doreen Ghafari
People are genuinely excited to be and grow here; we just want to be incredibly transparent and honest about what the path looks like and show how we're all invested in helping you get there.
Doreen Ghafari
Head of People

Supercharge managers to guide continuous growth

Grow’s tools and templates transform managers into career coaches, ensuring growth never feels like an afterthought.

Photo of Jennifer McMillan
Lattice Grow provides the tool for us to share career tracks to support great career conversations and development plans, while also providing guidance for people leaders and supporting Particles’ career aspirations.
Jennifer McMillan
Talent and Learning Development Manager

Put employees in the driver’s seat of their career growth

Empower employees to steer short-term and long-term development planning effectively with their managers.

Photo of Gurbir Dhaliwal
The benefits of [Lattice Grow] are extraordinary. I think everyone wants to know what it’ll take to get to the next level of their career.
Gurbir Dhaliwal
People Operations Manager
Better together

Every tool you need to power strategic HR

See how Grow connects with the rest of the Lattice platform.


Run performance reviews to align employees on where they meet, exceed, or fall short of their roles' expectations.

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Set individual development plans that connect an employee’s quarterly goals to the skills they are improving.

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Understand growth opportunities across your organization and built the right learning programs.

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Allow managers to track skill development progress for their teams, creating a growth-minded company culture.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Lattice’s employee development software help HR teams?

Lattice's employee development software helps HR teams to identify employees’ individual development needs and skill gaps to support strategic talent initiatives within the organization.

What are the features of employee development software?

Employee development software includes skill assessments, individual learning plans, competency matrices, and progress tracking. 

What are the benefits of using employee development software?

By using employee development software, organizations can cultivate a culture of continuous learning and development. Employees and people leaders will benefit from personalized learning paths, increased employee engagement, higher retention, and a more skilled workforce.

How do you track employee development?

Employee development can be tracked with tools like Lattice by monitoring progress against development plans, measuring performance versus potential, and assessing skill acquisition. 

How does employee development software work?

Employee development software works by providing a centralized platform for identifying skill gaps, accessing competencies, creating individual development plans (IDPs), and tracking progress.

What is employee development software?

Employee development software is designed to support and enhance the professional growth of employees within an organization. It facilitates continuous learning, skill development, and career pathing and advancement.

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