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Invest in your people — and your business

Align on company goals, identify top performers, and build a strong culture that will carry you through any economic climate.

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How Sensat turns people insights into people strategy

“Lattice has become our early warning system. Because of our pulse and engagement surveys, we’ve been able to spot problems early and understand what’s happening in the business before they become significant issues, we’ve been able to minimize attrition, improve engagement, and just build a better business.”

Sophie Martin — People & Talent Lead , Sensat


Employee participation in performance reviews, feedback, and surveys

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Run high-impact performance reviews

No more cross-checking dozens of different sources. Lattice centralizes everything in one place: highlighting peer feedback, performance metrics, and more so you can easily celebrate accomplishments and identify improvement areas.

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Align your entire workforce with actionable OKRs and goals

Individual, team, and department goals cascade into one another, making it easy to see how everyone is aligned around key business outcomes. By integrating goals with 1:1 meetings and platforms like Jira, Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, Lattice keeps them top of mind — guiding continuous progress.

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Build a culture of high performance and engagement

Our pulse surveys help you stay in touch with your staff, uncovering actionable insights to propel your business forward. Plus, our eNPS lets you measure the employee experience and understand your employer reputation in the market.

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Snapshot of the Lattice platform
99% overall customer satisfaction rating on G2

Learn how to engage and retain your top talent

Guide success for every employee

Learn how to launch your own effective goals program and avoid common pitfalls — keeping employees on track to achieve transformative business results.

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When your people perform, your business does too.

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