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Performance management is a challenge facing every business in the world; companies want to increase productivity from their employees and build a culture focused around employee retention. However, performance management is often relegated to annual performance reviews, a process that we believe does both the employee and the company a disservice.

After talking to hundreds of HR leaders, we believe that implementing a continuous performance management program is a step in the right direction. In this system, managers and reports work together to draft a performance plan and then continually check-in on the employee’s progress. Instead of annual performance reviews, employees are empowered to share feedback throughout the year, and formal performance evaluations happen more frequently (quarterly or biannually). In this system, employees have a better sense of what it takes to be successful and understand how they can improve their performance before it’s too late.

The library is a place to learn more about how to implement a continuous performance management system at your company. Each book is dedicated to a different part of the performance management process from goal setting to performance reviews to ongoing feedback. We hope you enjoy reading and if you ever have a question about performance management send us a note at [email protected].