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Why companies choose Lattice over Reflektive

Reflektive helps people managers share feedback and recognize good work. But after being acquired in early 2021, it has stagnated: ramping down innovation, market education, and product investment and instead focused on integration with its parent systems, leading to a higher-risk purchase. Lattice is the fastest-growing company in HR tech, delivering a comprehensive and innovative people success platform that helps teams like yours engage, develop, and retain top talent, enabling you to accomplish more.

Organizations are moving from Reflektive to Lattice to equip their teams with a complete people success solution designed to help employees develop and improve throughout their careers. Lattice makes people success simple with a self-service solution that everyone on your team can navigate intuitively.

Why do people teams switch
from Reflektive to Lattice?

Slick UI, stronger UX

Lattice equips people managers with the tools they need to align teams around goals and help each employee achieve more. People managers prefer Lattice’s easy-to-navigate interface that delivers powerful user experiences.

A destination for employees

Getting the most out of your people success solution starts with investing in a platform that your team can use. Whereas some Reflektive customers have needed to enlist support services to figure out how to use the platform effectively, Lattice is a self-service solution designed for everyone.

Organizational scalability

As a solution designed to scale alongside organizations, Lattice has helped companies like Reddit, Cruise, and Slack supercharge their growth and reach the next level. While Reflektive can help small teams become more engaged, the solution struggles at scale, often requiring a significant investment in training and external intervention.

Where people managers struggle with Reflektive

As a configuration-heavy performance management solution, Reflektive gives people teams a variety of options to measure performance, but not the flexibility to design on their own. Over time, this detracts from the north star of empowering teams to reach their highest levels.

Reflektive’s configuration-heavy nature has also been found to translate into a “clunky and confusing” user experience. This causes teams to end up spending significant time working with customer success reps to figure out the best way forward.

Further, some people managers disagree with the platform’s approach to performance management. Effective management isn’t simply about avoiding bad managers. It’s about building great, engaged teams that are inspired to prove themselves and accomplish more every day.

Complicating things further, Reflektive was acquired by the Learning Technologies Group in January 2021. As a result, the future home of the platform is unclear, and organizations that place a high value on people management are looking for solutions with less procurement risk.

Why companies prefer Lattice
to Reflektive


Purpose-built for people success

Lattice is an organic, purpose-built people success platform that helps people managers drive performance, build engaged teams, support employee growth and development, and align them around goals. When you enable everyone on your team to do their best work every day, outcomes naturally improve. With Lattice, you can hold impactful 1:1s, conduct performance reviews on a cadence, and recognize hard work publicly with a solution designed to keep pace with your company’s growth and adjust accordingly.

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Designed for all employees

Unlocking the true promise of a people success platform starts with ensuring everyone on the team can use the platform productively. Lattice delivers value to all functional business areas with an intuitive interface that lets people from every department find the information they need rapidly. You don’t have to rope in support to make an impact.

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Powerful reporting and analytics features

Get to know what makes your company tick with robust performance and engagement data visualizations. See the big picture at a glance with real-time dashboards. Lattice stops you from making decisions on gut instinct by arming you with the data you need to figure out the best way forward, complete with customizable reporting and analytics tools.

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Everyday workflow integration

We understand how deflating it is to jump from platform to platform to platform, which is why Lattice is designed to seamlessly integrate with the tools your team uses everyday. Whether it’s Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, OneLogin, Okta, or your favorite HRIS, you can connect to Lattice in just a few clicks.

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99% overall customer satisfaction rating on G2

Lattice vs. Reflektive
Feature Comparison




Performance reviews

Pulse surveys

Survey templates

Goals and OKRs

Organizational scalability and flexibility


Seamless performance and engagement experiences

Intuitive, streamlined UI

Data integration and connected insights


Organic platform innovation not dependent on M&A

Should I choose Lattice or Reflektive for people success?

Lattice and Reflektive are both capable of helping teams achieve better outcomes. The difference is in the way the platforms approach people success processes.

Whereas Reflektive embraces a configuration-heavy approach that users can find confusing and time-consuming, Lattice prioritizes simplicity in design with an intuitive solution that’s easy for everyone to use.

The Lattice roadmap is clear, with a suite of products that help teams of all sizes improve performance and engagement while putting together growth plans that help each employee reach their full potential.

Since the Learning Technologies Group purchased Reflektive, it’s unclear as to what lies ahead.

Performance management

Help employees understand how they can impact the company and their careers with performance reviews, goal-setting, and effective 1:1s.

Employee engagement

Collect feedback using surveys, pulses, and eNPS to understand and act on how your employees feel about work.

Growth and development

Integrated employee growth & development drives talent acceleration, connecting employee growth and business impact.

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