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Why are teams switching from Culture Amp to Lattice?

Lattice is the Culture Amp alternative that helps companies cultivate high-performing teams and achieve better business outcomes. Keep reading to see what puts Lattice in a league of its own.

Culture Amp is influenced by a philosophy where engagement matters most and performance is an afterthought. At Lattice, we believe that an integrated approach to continuous performance management, employee engagement, and career development is a critical foundation for high-performance cultures.

Why do people teams switch
from Culture Amp to Lattice?

A holistic approach

The Lattice People Success Platform was developed organically — not via acquisition —  to help organizations offer a streamlined experience to  improve performance, increase engagement and make sure employees grow the way they want to.

Built for growth at scale

Lattice is designed to support the evolving needs of today’s fastest-growing organizations — from dozens to thousands of employees — and help them transform their culture. Culture Amp doesn’t offer the same level of flexibility or support for growing teams.

Powerful analytics and reporting

Lattice delivers seamless reporting and analytics features. Culture Amp has built out its capabilities via acquisition, so its reporting capabilities are disjointed.

Why companies prefer Lattice to Culture Amp

Lattice’s powerful people success platform is designed to help everyone do their best work. It gives employees a way to grow, provides front-line managers tools to hold valuable conversations, and ensures leadership has the feedback and analytics they need to improve their People strategy. Lattice was built for the new world of work, where people leaders must drive performance, engagement, and development throughout the employee lifecycle.

Why companies prefer Lattice
to Culture Amp


People success solutions that employees love

A strong focus on managing employee performance, engagement, and development leads directly to business success. Lattice makes it easy to gather feedback from peers and managers, set goals and expectations, hold effective 1:1s, and give the most useful guidance to employees. People teams can continuously measure and optimize the inputs that impact performance and development, furthering both employee careers and business outcomes.

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Integration into everyday workflows

Building a culture of engagement and collaboration only works when employees can interact regularly with their people success platform. Lattice lets everyone in your organization give feedback, praise colleagues, collaborate on shared goals, and follow up on performance-related conversations right in Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, or other tools you use every day.

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Connected insights and powerful analytics

Understand your company culture like never before by visualizing connected data on employee engagement, performance, and development. Filter by employee demographics, group affiliation, or custom elements you can easily add, building collaborative action plans from flexible dashboards for HR leaders and managers. People team leaders can also track adoption and ROI of employee programs to show the tangible value of their efforts.

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A platform for talent acceleration

Lattice consistently helps customers cultivate the best talent, empowers employees to take on bigger roles, and inspires managers to coach their employees in a way that helps the company scale successfully. 

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99% overall customer satisfaction rating on G2

Lattice vs. Culture Amp
Feature Comparison


Culture Amp

Employee engagement surveys

Performance dashboards

Integrated Performance + Engagement Dashboards

Survey templates

Support for 1:1s


Status updates

Flexibility at Scale

Organically built for performance management

Proven in performance management

Robust, integrated Goals & OKRs


Makes it easy to create a healthy peer feedback culture

Why top-performing teams choose Lattice vs Culture Amp

While Lattice and Culture Amp both provide employee engagement, performance, goal-setting, and analytics for HR and People Management teams, only one is a true “people success platform” built with the end-user experience and adoption top of mind. It’s this holistic approach that Lattice customers love.

Culture Amp offers employee engagement surveys and some limited performance features, yet many users complain that the solution feels disjointed. Unlike Lattice, which was built to connect performance and engagement from the beginning, Culture Amp only began focusing on performance after its acquisition of Zugata in 2019. Because of this, Culture Amp customers find themselves manually aggregating data on engagement and performance to get actionable insights into how to improve business outcomes. In addition, Culture Amp customers express frustration over its performance management offering’s  lack of flexibility and customization options

Another thing to consider is how employees actually engage with Lattice vs. Culture Amp. Lattice was built to fit into employee workflows — with impactful integrations with tools your team relies on. Your employees don’t need to access the Lattice platform directly to experience its value, whether they are updating their teams, providing feedback, or recognizing colleagues with praise. Without this ability, and with their historical focus on once-or-twice-a-year employee usage, Culture Amp users may struggle to adopt the solution and view it as an extra to-do rather than a seamless way to enhance their performance and career goals.

Performance management

Help employees understand how they can impact the company and their careers with performance reviews, goal-setting, and effective 1:1s.

Employee engagement

Collect feedback using surveys, pulses, and eNPS to understand and act on how your employees feel about work.

Growth and development

Integrated employee growth & development drives talent acceleration, connecting employee growth and business impact.

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Integrate continuous people and performance management into the foundation of your organization with Lattice.

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