Why companies choose Lattice vs 15Five?

15Five helps you establish manager routines. Lattice fortifies that foundation with a comprehensive and flexible people success platform that helps you develop the highest-performing teams.

People leaders are moving beyond 15Five’s manager-focused tools and embracing Lattice as an end-to-end, flexible people success solution. 15Five inhibits flexibility and scale with review processes that restrict customization. You either adopt 15Five’s approach and ideology or end up feeling frustrated. Lattice, on the other hand, enables people leaders the flexibility to personalize and evolve the organization’s performance management experience.

Why do people teams switch
from 15Five to Lattice?

Built with scale and flexibility top of mind

Using Lattice enables you to scale across every growth stage. You won’t be locked into a prescriptive approach to performance management that can’t evolve to support your People strategy. Lattice is designed to adapt around your organization across every growth stage rather than squeeze you into a one-size-fits-all approach to performance management.

Employee growth and development

15five and Lattice both offer products that provide role clarity and development opportunities to employees, but Lattice is designed for easy administration and maintenance of career tracks and competencies.

Streamlined reporting and analytics

While some teams have concerns about 15Five’s disconnected reporting capabilities, Lattice is purpose-built with powerful reporting features and real-time dashboards that let you access and rapidly gain actionable insights from connected performance and engagement data.

Where 15Five falls short for today’s people managers

Designed primarily as a tool for building young companies’ early management practices, 15Five lacks the comprehensive people success tools necessary for employees to thrive in today’s evolving business landscape. Recently, the company acquired Emplify to make an entry into the employee engagement side of People Success. Since they didn’t build it from scratch or fully integrate it with their existing platform, teams find it harder to do the deep analysis and realize insights through the connection between performance and engagement data needed to make truly data-driven decisions. 

15Five’s solution also leaves much to be desired in the area of career growth and employee development — which is why people leaders who are committed to their team’s growth look to Lattice for their people success needs.

Why companies prefer Lattice
to 15Five


Performance management that fits your business

When you have a high-performing team, results follow. Lattice enables people leaders to transform their approach to performance with a people success platform designed to help every member of your team do their very best. With Lattice, you can hold impactful 1:1s, set clear goals and align on responsibilities, conduct performance reviews, and collect feedback intuitively — evolving and scaling with your company every step of the way.

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Integrations with the tools your team uses every day

Lattice offers seamless integrations with the tools your team uses every day. Connect people management to Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, integrate with Slack (a customer we love ❤️) and Microsoft Teams to speed up communication, secure your instance with Okta and OneLogin, and add your people into Lattice with one click using any popular HRIS.

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Powerful reporting and analytics capabilities

Having all the data in the world doesn’t do you any good if you can’t make sense of it. As an all-in-one people success platform built organically, Lattice can natively connect performance and engagement data in a few clicks. Unlike 15Five, Lattice delivers robust reporting dashboards and streamlined reporting capabilities without requiring you to leave the app to make sense of what’s going on. Lattice also ships with advanced analytics functionality, including sentiment analysis of text to detect tone and emotion in what people write.

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Built-in talent acceleration 

Create and showcase career paths in Lattice to prove that employee growth is a priority for your organization. Make it easy for each teammate to see and understand what’s expected of them, how they can grow, and what they need to do to get to the next level and secure their next role. Turn people leaders into career coaches who give employees total control over their own destinies.

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Lattice vs. 15Five
Feature Comparison




Survey templates

OKRs and Goals

Performance reviews


Pulse surveys

Organizational scalability and flexibility

Seamless performance and engagement experiences

Real-time dashboards

Competency Framework and Career Management


Comprehensive reporting

Text analytics for sentiment analysis

Lattice vs 15Five: Scalable people success over ad hoc engagement 

Both Lattice and 15Five are good solutions for teams looking for basic performance and engagement features. But once organizations need to customize and scale, they often find 15Five’s one-size-fits-all approach to performance restrictive. Lattice, on the other hand, evolves alongside your business and is capable of meeting your needs whenever and however they change.

There’s also the question of growth and development, where Lattice leads, with tools designed specifically to help employees evolve throughout their careers.

Lattice believes that companies shouldn’t have to adjust the way they do things to accommodate technology. Instead, technology should be flexible and capable of responding to the needs of the agile organization.

Performance management

Help employees understand how they can impact the company and their careers with performance reviews, goal-setting, and effective 1:1s.

Employee engagement

Collect feedback using surveys, pulses, and eNPS to understand and act on how your employees feel about work.

Growth and development

Integrated employee growth & development drives talent acceleration, connecting employee growth and business impact.

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