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Performance and Engagement: Better Together

Why integrating performance management and engagement is a winning strategy for people-first businesses.

Performance management and employee engagement (P&E) are inextricably linked. So why do most organisations still view them as siloed? It’s a risky strategy that could see them fall further out of step with employee expectations at a time when retaining talent is only getting more difficult.

High performance fuels engagement, and vice versa. Engaged employees are 21% more profitable and 17% more productive. It’s a reciprocal relationship that reaps rewards a plenty.  

Are you ready to break the silo mentality?

In this guide, Lattice explains why integrating P&E can build an engaged and high-performing organisation where everyone feels valued, inspired, and motivated. We also share an actionable framework that brings P&E together for a talent-driven competitive advantage. 

Learn how to:

  • Enrich your understanding of the employee experience and the drivers impacting P&E
  • Feed the recognition craving with an impactful feedback culture 
  • Implement smart goal setting to boost P&E and achieve ambitious objectives
  • Have employee-centric growth conversations for the retention win

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