Maximizing Praise’s Impact With Wide Visibility: Introducing the Lattice Praise Wall

September 17, 2019

Praise has the most personal impact when it’s public. Today’s people teams do everything they can to incorporate and highlight the things that make their company culture special, and by highlighting the work that lives and breathes your values and culture, people teams can reinforce cultural alignment and encourage peak performance from their entire companies. 

Our customers have been asking for ways to make praise more visible across their entire companies – not just in Lattice or their Slack instance. That’s why today, we’re launching the Lattice Praise Wall: a beautiful, purpose-built visualization for putting public praise front-and-center within your workplace. 

By incorporating Lattice Praise, you’ll be building a strong culture centered around feedback and recognition by:

Always keeping your company values front-and-center:

The Lattice Praise Wall lets you highlight the best performance in your company throughout your workspace. Customize feedback and public Praise by tagging with cultural values and reinforce those things that make your company uniquely extraordinary – everyone walking through your office will immediately know what your culture is all about as soon as they pass one display.

Showing appreciation, recognizing hard work, and celebrating wins:

Lattice makes it easy for all of your teams to acknowledge each other and give praise that celebrates wins with the whole company. And by combining the visibility of your office Lattice Praise Wall with your organization’s Slack workspace, your whole company will be able to see and celebrate the kind of work that is recognized and rewarded.

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