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Learn Exactly How You Can Support Your People During Uncertainty – Lattice Crisis Response Survey

April 2, 2020

It’s a strange and scary time for the world right now. 

Leadership teams are grappling with how to survive and thrive through an unprecedented public health crisis. Fortunate companies are now figuring out how to operationalize running a completely remote team. 

Companies lean on HR in moments like these. People teams guide their organizations through uncertainty, anchoring around cultural norms and maintaining the direction of the business.

You may have never expected to handle a crisis like this one, so we wanted to share the Crisis Response Survey Template we’re using here at Lattice. We worked with experts to choose this specific set of questions for a few reasons:

They are highly actionable:

Every question on the survey asks about something that can be improved with an action, initiative, or response. This will surface the most immediately important themes of the employee experience that you can make an impact on. We kept the survey short enough that teams can reasonably act on and respond to them.

They are dynamic:

Because these questions are all time-sensitive and crisis-specific, responses can change as quickly as external circumstances do. We recommend asking these questions regularly throughout the crisis to ensure employees feel heard.

They put people first:

It’s a time for us to take an exceptionally human approach to people strategy. Companies need to ensure that their employees feel like their whole selves and those that depend on them are taken care of. 

Managers are learning how to lead, motivate and work with their teams virtually. Employees are dealing with the transition to remote work, but more importantly, the greater uncertainty and instability in the world around them. Work doesn’t necessarily feel like the most important thing right now, but that doesn’t mean work stops. It’s harder, but more crucial than ever before to gather feedback, understand how your team is feeling, and act on that information.

The Lattice Crisis Response Survey is available as a pre-built template in Lattice Engagement. You can also see the template along with more details on the questions and themes here.

If you’re looking for more People Strategy and HR resources on the COVID-19 crisis, you can find Lattice’s toolkit for staying productive and engaged here

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