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HR Toolkit: Staying Productive During the COVID-19 Crisis

March 27, 2020
February 22, 2024
Lattice Team
Lattice Team

The coronavirus health crisis has shuttered offices and forced companies to go remote. But while remote teams might be accustomed to working from home, the experience has been jolting to onsite employees. HR teams have been tasked with helping teams stay safe, productive, and comfortable with the transition.

The Lattice team is right there with you. We’ve compiled all the most-helpful remote work content in one place. We’ll continue to contribute to this story as additional resources are published. To share experiences and best practices with other HR professionals, join our free Resources for Humans Slack community. 

Lattice Resources

Lattice's content library features insights from industry leaders and best practices advice for all HR disciplines. Here are some of the stories and webinars that are most relevant to the COVID-19 crisis and remote work.

COVID-19 and the Workplace

Adapting to Remote Work

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From our Community

Lars Schmidt, founder of Talent Amplify, compiled an exhaustive rundown of emergency plans, articles, webinars, and cancellations during this crisis. We've pulled out some of the resources we found particularly helpful. Check out his full list here.

Company Response Plans

Compliance Resources

Remote Work Best Practices

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