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November 29, 2018
Lattice is the first performance management software provider to offer project based reviews.

Traditionally, performance reviews are conducted by the functional manager to give an employee evaluation or developmental feedback. These reviews are based on a hierarchical org chart structure and are often used to determine raises and promotions.

After talking to our customers, it’s clear that hierarchical reviews don’t work for every type of organization and every use case. Customers who work frequently on project teams (i.e. cross-functional teams, agencies, consulting firms, etc.) or who work at flat/matrix organizations, need a way to run performance reviews outside of the traditional org chart. Additionally, some organizations want a way to run ad hoc review cycles outside of the formal, company-wide process done a few times each year.

Over the past quarter, we organized a focus group of influential project-based companies to design a solution that fits their needs, and we’re now ready to release it to our broader customer base. This feature release makes Lattice the first performance management software to offer project-based reviews, meaning Lattice is the only dedicated people management platform with a solution designed specifically for agencies and consulting firms. This solution complements our existing people management suite, which helps hundreds of companies from startups to enterprises build a performance management process that helps companies align, engage, and grow their employees.

Project-based reviews are quick, easy, and straightforward to run even if you’ve never run a review before. At the conclusion of a project, the project lead (or Lattice admin) will launch a performance review for their project team by selecting the questions and project team members. From there, all of the team members will review each other and then, depending on the organization, review the feedback together or meet individually with project leads or with managers to discuss. Here’s an article from our help center to help you get started.

At Lattice, our guiding principle is to build a customizable solution that works across a variety of industries and scales with your company as it grows. The launch of project-based reviews is another step in that direction, and we’re excited to continue expanding our product offering to better serve our customers.

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