What’s new in Lattice

The Spring 2024 release includes highly requested features to power your HR programs and deliver deeper people and performance insights.

AI-Powered Engagement Insights, Talent Reviews, and New Analytics

As high-performing companies continue raising the bar, the need for innovative HR tools has never been greater. We’re unveiling new features coming this spring designed to elevate your team’s growth and performance through the power of data.

Spot employee survey trends instantly using AI-Powered Engagement Insights

Synthesize feedback from open-ended engagement survey comments and immediately access key trends and strategic recommendations.

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Gain insight into your employees’ performance and potential with Talent Reviews

Identify individual strengths and weaknesses to inform talent strategy, proactively mitigate risks, and build high-performing teams.

Supercharge your people analytics with enhanced reporting.

Performance Trends

Use Performance Trends to monitor employee performance across tenure and uncover internal patterns without the manual work.

Historical Data Imports

Preserve past engagement data and discover benchmarking insights with Historical Data Imports to make more data-driven decisions.

In-Progress Reporting

Track performance review progress, identify roadblocks, and optimize completion with In-Progress Reporting.

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