Lattice Spring 2024 Release: AI-Powered Engagement Insights, Talent Reviews, and New Analytics

March 12, 2024

We are excited to announce new products and features coming to Lattice this Spring! With an intent to empower managers and simplify HR processes, our upcoming releases make it easier and faster to access relevant insights within Lattice and understand team performance. 

Get Time Back with AI Engagement Insights, Powered by OpenAI

If you’re spending hours sorting and reading hundreds of comments from your engagement surveys, it’s time to say goodbye to all that manual work. 

AI Engagement Insights leverages the power of generative AI to synthesize open-ended survey comments, identify trends, deliver summaries, and even surface recommendations to add to your action plans. Learn more about Lattice AI and Engagement Insights

Coming March 2024

Enhance Your People Assessment Strategy with Talent Reviews

A top-requested feature, Talent Reviews will provide HR teams and company leaders with the necessary information to make strategic decisions and implement meaningful talent development initiatives. 

Historically, HR leaders have lacked integrated systems to conduct effective Talent Reviews. Too often, teams resort to workarounds or separate tools, hindering access to unified employee data crucial for holistic evaluations. With Lattice’s Talent Reviews, people teams will finally have a dedicated workflow to manage talent assessments — all connected to their existing Performance Management platform and employee data. 

Lattice’s Talent Reviews will include:

  • Built-in calibration through tables or the traditional 9-box
  • Calibration groups
  • Ability to add facilitators
  • CSV downloads 
  • Tags and comments for reviewees
  • … and more! 

With Talent Reviews, Lattice customers can foster a culture of high performance, including identifying top performers, addressing skill gaps, and informing critical HR plans, like succession planning strategies and promo readiness. 

Coming April 2024 

Gain Deeper Insights Into Performance Trends

We’re adding Performance Trends to Lattice’s Analytics Explorer Dashboard. This new feature enables HR admins to track employee or group performance over multiple cycles to see how performance has evolved over time. 

Lattice eliminates the need for manual data consolidation across review cycles — a common pain point for administrators and managers — streamlining the process and providing a complete view of employee performance. Plus, with the ability to filter and group review ratings by any custom or default field, customers gain more control over the analysis of employee data. 

Coming March 2024 

Seamlessly Integrate Historical Engagement Data 

Are you new to Lattice and concerned about your historical engagement data? No need to worry — with Historical Data Imports for Engagement, customers can now input past survey data and seamlessly upload it back into the Lattice platform. 

By treating each past survey as a benchmark file, companies can effortlessly compare historical data against their current surveys within Lattice, allowing for more informed decision-making and strategy development at every stage of their HR journey. The frustration of leaving valuable historical data behind during platform transitions is now a thing of the past. 

Coming March 2024

Optimize Review Completion Rates with Progress Reporting

With our updated Progress Reporting view for Automated Rules and Org Chart Reviews, admins and managers can effortlessly monitor the progress of their organization’s reviews in one place. This means there’s no more tedious clicking into individual profiles or multiple pages to see where employees are in their reviews-completion journey. 

With this enhancement, HR can conveniently track progress for all individuals in one centralized location. Greater access to reviews progress data will help people teams identify reviewers falling behind and assess completion rates faster to save valuable time.

Coming March 2024

At Lattice, we are committed to helping you build a high-performing culture with innovative talent management tools. These are just a few of the products and features we will be launching this Spring 2024 to help you elevate your people strategy and your team’s efficiency. 

Learn more about these features by visiting What’s New at Lattice or contacting your Relationship Manager.

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