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Make your employee experience more human with Lattice AI

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 Our vision for Lattice AI

Augment managers with tools to better understand employees and drive performance more effectively.

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Engagement Insights

Synthesize your survey results and open-ended feedback in a matter of seconds – not days. Once your survey is closed, Lattice AI will deliver a key driver analysis, comment trends, and recommended actions.

Performance Insights

Write better employee performance reviews in less time, with insights based on cross-functional feedback, goals, growth areas, and more from the review period.

AI Generated Onboarding Videos

Create custom onboarding videos for new hires based on information like job description, team goals, and region to deliver a more personalized experience.

Writing Assistance

Get real-time recommendations to improve the quality of your performance reviews or feedback with checks for grammar, clarity, and bias.

Personalized Growth Plans

Create individual development plans with a click, based on career tracks, performance reviews, and feedback.

Team Health

View trends for your team based on survey data, one-on-ones, and Updates, and get recommendations to improve team participation and reduce attrition.

Our promise

We take our AI development seriously because we know your people data is precious. Here’s how we’re doing that:


Elevate human decision-making.

Our AI enhancements are designed to empower people leaders (not machines!) to make informed decisions with all of the information and insights they need. 


Protect customer data. 

We are GDPR and SOC 2 compliant and will continue to responsibly collect, use, and protect customer data. Learn more about how we keep your data secure


Leverage best-in-class technology. 

Our applications are powered by OpenAI’s trusted machine-learning model, because the best people teams deserve the best that tech has to offer. 

Empower your people with Lattice AI

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Lattice AI: Make Your Employee Experience More Human

Artificial intelligence won't replace us, it will augment us.

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