Lattice AI: Make Your Employee Experience More Human

Sarah Franklin
Sarah Franklin
March 5, 2024

For eight years, Lattice has been a pillar of innovation and inspiration in the HR technology space, focused on one simple truth: When your people thrive, your business thrives. 

Today, I’m sharing our vision for the future — one of heightened engagement, fair compensation, impactful management, and high-performing teams. A future where artificial intelligence makes the employee experience more human.

Helping Your Business — and Your People — Thrive With AI

Today’s organizations are being asked to do more, often with less. In our 2024 State of People Strategy Report, 62% of HR teams reported flat or decreasing budgets, even with increased pressure to perform. Unsurprisingly, two-thirds of respondents also said they were considering ways to leverage AI.

But the data also showed that people teams aren’t looking at AI to reduce headcount or cut costs. Instead, they’re looking for ways to make their organizations more effective: HR teams, employees, and perhaps most of all, managers.

That’s because managers are your greatest point of leverage. HR teams know that their success, and the company’s, hinges on managers’ ability to motivate, inspire, and retain their people.

Managing people was already hard. But the complexity and pace of change in today’s workplace demands that we support managers more than ever: Data from Gartner shows that managers today are juggling 51% more responsibilities than they can effectively handle. 

When managers are overwhelmed, everyone suffers — employees miss out on the support they need to perform, and businesses lose out on profitability that would have resulted from high performance. In fact, poor performance costs the economy $450 to $550 billion annually.

Managers need tools that help them understand individual strengths, aspirations, and challenges, and guide each team member effectively. AI can play a transformative role by augmenting managers and enabling greater impact.

Our Mission to Empower Every Employee

The mission behind Lattice AI is to help businesses — and their people — thrive, empowering HR teams with the tools they need to streamline operations and make managers more effective. AI is about more than efficiency — it's about equipping teams to better make sense of data, become more strategic, and deliver a more human employee experience. 

I believe AI will augment managers to better understand individual strengths, aspirations, and challenges, and guide each team member more effectively – elevating their own work and the entire organization in the process. 

Engagement Insights, Powered by OpenAI

HR teams today have access to more data than ever, but it's distributed across multiple systems and not easy to report on. Gleaning insights from that data can be a significant challenge, often requiring time-consuming manual work. 

According to Gallup, just 34% of employees report being engaged at work, and one of the key reasons behind employee disengagement is the feeling that their voices are not being heard – that they are shouting into a void about what they need from their employer, and no one is listening.

Engagement surveys empower HR teams and managers to understand employee sentiment and take action on the key opportunities and areas of improvement. Lattice’s AI Engagement Insights, launching later this month, will save HR teams significant time by synthesizing all the open-ended survey responses, identifying key trends, and generating recommendations for action planning in an instant, allowing HR teams to more quickly and effectively drive positive change for their people. 

AI Generated Onboarding Videos, in Partnership with HeyGen

We’re also passionate about partnering with the best AI solutions across the industry — including HeyGen, a tool that allows teams to create personalized video communications using simple text prompts. With Lattice, teams will be able to generate custom onboarding videos for their new hires — making them feel welcome and creating a more human employee experience.

Performance Summarization and Written Bias Check

Using Lattice AI, managers can get personalized suggestions to include when writing employee’s performance reviews based on goals, feedback, growth areas, and more. This will help managers reduce recency bias and write more specific, meaningful evaluations that take the entire review period into account. Managers will also be able to generate individualized development plans that help employees grow in alignment with business goals. 

Team Health Trends

Managers can view engagement and satisfaction trends for their teams based on survey data, one-on-ones, and Updates — so they can make proactive changes before things go awry. They’ll get real-time insights and actionable recommendations to improve their team’s participation and reduce attrition.

At the heart of these launches is a recognition that AI won’t replace us, it will augment us. It’s our commitment to build products that don’t just make our work lives easier but more fulfilling. Our platform equips customers to elevate every employee to realize the promise of meaningful work.

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