Two New Lattice AI Features Will Streamline Performance Reviews and Elevate the Impact of HR Teams

Kelsey Donohue
Kelsey Donohue
May 1, 2024
Senior Communications Manager

In March, we launched Lattice AI and unveiled a bold vision for the future of artificial intelligence in HR and within the Lattice people platform. We have been overwhelmed by stories from customers about how Lattice AI is already transforming their work and by their excitement to see what’s coming next to elevate performance at every level of their companies.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of new performance and engagement insights that will advance the Lattice AI mission to make work more human and augment organizations and their managers with tools to better understand employees and drive performance.

Transforming Performance Management Through AI

Writing performance reviews is a painstaking, time-consuming process – and many managers have more than one to complete in a performance cycle. According to Harvard Business Review, the average manager has reported spending about 210 hours – close to five weeks – completing performance reviews every year. 

People managers want to ensure they are writing high-quality reviews that accurately reflect the work of their employees, while also including thoughtful feedback about how they can continue to grow and improve. And that takes time – especially when it can take hours to review and synthesize multiple sources of information and cross-functional feedback on each employee in order to craft a well-written and comprehensive evaluation. 

Until now, our new performance insights offer managers a summary of all feedback in Lattice their reports received during the review period, quickly surfacing relevant accomplishments and growth opportunities. The result? Higher quality reviews in less time. 

Deeper Insights into Employee Sentiment and Trends

Currently, Lattice AI delivers key trends, summaries, and recommended actions based on open-ended feedback received on engagement surveys. Now, we will expand these capabilities to deliver a holistic key driver analysis based on both open-ended feedback and scores. This analysis will surface the top themes affecting employee engagement scores, stack-ranked by impact. 

Why does this matter? Gallup has found that employee engagement has been declining since 2021. Employee engagement surveys are one of the most powerful tools HR teams have to understand employee sentiment, identify trends, and address any problem areas that could be dragging down engagement. Yet only 8 percent of employees strongly agree that their organizations take action on survey feedback.

With these new capabilities, People leaders can understand, share, and most importantly, take action on high-impact findings immediately after closing an Engagement survey, enabling positive change for their organizations and ensuring employees feel heard. 

What’s Next?

There’s so much more to come for Lattice AI! For Engagement Insights, we plan to extend survey analysis to the department and manager levels, so they can get specific insights on their teams. We are also working on adding additional fuel to Performance Insights with more Lattice data, in addition to feedback, so managers can get a well-rounded view of their employee’s work and how to help them reach their next level of potential.

All of these capabilities will ultimately culminate into an AI-powered Manager Assist that will support people managers in making informed talent decisions with additional team insights, tailored recommendations, and integrated coaching.

These innovations support Lattice on its mission to augment your team’s decision-making – not replace it. Each of our AI tools are intentionally designed to provide your people leaders with insights that equip people leaders and managers to better understand employees and drive performance more effectively.

At Lattice, we are committed to helping you build a high-performing culture with innovative talent management tools. These are just a few of the products and features we will be launching this Spring 2024 to help you elevate your people strategy and your team’s efficiency. 

Learn more about these features by visiting the Lattice Product Updates hub or contacting your Relationship Manager.

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