People Management Wherever Work Takes You: Introducing the new Lattice Mobile

August 16, 2019

If you’re a Lattice customer, you might already use the Lattice Mobile app for 1:1s (and maybe viewing Goals), but we knew there was more to untap here. People management requires more than just those two use cases, and nobody is always at their desk, which is why we’ve brought more functionality to our app to improve users’ experience and bring Lattice wherever you are. Lattice Mobile gives you the tools you need to access your team’s health, recognize great work, and guide authentic conversations, all from your fingertips. Here’s a few reasons we’re already loving using it:

Seamless cross-platform experiences

The new Lattice Mobile app is built for a more consistent user experience between platforms. Now, your employees can expect seamless transitions in Lattice whether they’re at their desk or away from their keyboard.

Give feedback and praise from anywhere

With this update, users can give their teammates and colleagues praise or private feedback from the Lattice Mobile app, making it even easier to build a culture of feedback at your company.

Explore Goals, Feedback, and gain visibility into your team

See your goals and past feedback front and center, and get a sense of what your teammates’ goals are, and what they’re being praised for around the company.

The same great 1:1 experience

The Lattice mobile app has always prioritized 1:1s to allow for distraction-free, organized, and valuable conversation between people.

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