People Management on the Go

Lattice provides a mobile experience for performance management and employee engagement.

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Manage 1:1s on the go and away from the computer

Collaborate on agenda items to make 1:1s valuable and focused

Hey Managers, you should get out more

Steve Jobs preferred walking during his serious conversations and meetings, taking colleagues on ‘brainstorming walks.’ Now, Mark Zuckerberg follows this same philosophy, walking around Menlo Park and taking in the views when speaking with potential new hires. This practice has a long history -- ancient philosopher Aristotle was known to instruct his students on long walks.

Get the context you need for a productive conversation

See employee’s goals and past 1:1s to ground the conversation with historical and directional context.

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Past 1:1s

Lattice integrates with Slack

Give feedback and get notifications with our integration.

Celebrate employee wins

Employees share feedback in Slack with our praise channel.

Goal updates

Everyone at the company can see each others goal progress.

Get notifications

Build a transparent culture by allowing employees to share public updates and broadcast in Slack.