Lattice Summer 2024 Product Release: Reimagined Compensation, New Analytics, AI Writing Assistance, and More

Amaury Sablon
Amaury Sablon
June 11, 2024
Product Marketing Manager

Summer is here, and so is the Lattice Summer 2024 Product Release. This quarter’s lineup includes new and upgraded products and features designed to help you streamline your compensation strategy, measure the success of your people programs, and leverage AI tools to drive manager effectiveness.

A Reimagined Lattice Compensation Experience 

Rewarding your people equitably and transparently is your team’s highest obligation. But at many organizations, compensation decision-making can feel opaque, arbitrary, and decentralized. 

This quarter, we’re making it easier than ever to run compensation cycles that don’t just satisfy employee expectations, but motivate and inspire them to stay with your organization for the long haul. We’re introducing critical upgrades to Lattice Compensation that empower you to make more fair and data-driven compensation decisions than ever before, including:

  • Flexible budgeting
  • Custom approval chains
  • Improved data upload processes
  • Executive dashboard and analytics
  • Customizable share outs of total compensation 
  • Additional permissions and controls

Measure the Impact of Your People Programs With New Analytics and Reports

HR leaders have to rely on advanced people analytics to pinpoint performance outliers, identify their top and bottom performers, and assess manager effectiveness. But Lattice’s 2024 State of People Strategy Report found that some HR teams are better than others in connecting those dots: 82% of high-performing HR teams are confident in linking HR programs and business outcomes, compared to only 40% of low-performing HR teams. This can only be done with robust analytics — and getting access to that data is the first step.

Lattice has been heavily investing in its Analytics product throughout the first half of 2024 and will continue to do so this summer with the launch of new features and capabilities, including: 

  • Compensation and Engagement Data Points within the Analytics Explorer
    • Admins and managers will soon be able to access survey results and employee compensation data within the Analytics Explorer. These new data points will live alongside headcount, adoption, review ratings, sentiment data, making it a centralized hub for people analytics where you can easily visualize correlations and uncover insights. For instance, you can explore the relationship between compensation and engagement levels among your top-performing employees. This holistic view empowers data-driven decision-making, allowing you to optimize your strategies for retaining and motivating talent.
  • Analytics Explorer Data Comparisons 
    • Now within the Analytics Explorer, you can change the X-axis to compare measures across not just time, but also employee attributes like manager, department, office location, or anything else in order to draw more valuable insights. Soon we will expand this to be able to compare against product data points like review ratings, compensation, and survey results too. 
  • Cross-Cycle Reporting
    • Users will be able to consolidate performance data from multiple cycles into a single CSV file for export. This feature will significantly reduce time spent consolidating reviews for larger companies managing multiple cycles within a period and companies seeking in-depth insights into performance trends over time.
  • Reviews Results Analytics
    • Admins will be able to view results for Automated Rules, Project-based, and Org Chart reviews without the need for manual exporting and reconciliation. This new experience offers distribution charts, heat maps, and average score views. Additionally, admins will be able to break down and filter results by different attributes, including time, and can download results as PNG files or exportable data. 
  • New Engagement Benchmarks
    • We are adding 80+ new engagement benchmarks to help you better understand your company’s performance relative to similar organizations in your industry or geography.

The new Analytics Explorer Dashboard allows you to access compensation and engagement data points.  

Making Your Employee Experience More Human With AI

Managers have always played a central role in engagement and performance. But today, many are burned out by change fatigue and grappling with a growing number of direct reports.

We’re building Lattice AI not only to empower you HR leaders, but the entire organization. And we’re especially focused on giving managers the tools and confidence they need to support their people and make more informed talent decisions. That’s why we’re introducing two new Lattice AI features to give your managers superpowers:

  • Lattice AI Engagement Insights for Managers: We launched Lattice AI Engagement Insights for administrators this spring, and are now expanding its access to managers. With this AI-powered tool, managers will be able to access insights, summarizations, and recommendations around their team performance and engagement. 
  • Lattice AI Writing Assistance: Enhance the quality of your feedback and reviews in real time with instant recommendations for grammar, clarity, tone, and bias.

Caption: Access insights, summarizations, and recommendations around their team performance and engagement. 

New Languages and Calibration Enhancements 

Download your favorite language learning app and start practicing, because Lattice will be available en español this summer. We’ll be launching European and Latin American Spanish, joining our existing supported platform languages like French, Canadian French, German, and International English. 

Our summer product release would not be complete without enhancements to the calibration experience. Calibrations play a crucial role in maintaining a fair, consistent, and equitable review process. With our upcoming updates, admins will spend less time on setup and repetitive tasks and more time guiding their teams through the calibration process. Plus, our enhanced box view and roles now provide better support for larger and more complex organizations. Our summer calibration enhancements include:

  • Updated Calibration Table Experience 
  • Group-level Facilitator Role
  • Scalable Box View
  • Ability to Create Groups Based on Attributes

The new calibration table experience makes it easier to run fair and consistent reviews. 

We hope these new products and features enhance your experience with Lattice, making it easier and more efficient to achieve your HR goals. As always, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing to improve our platform based on your needs.

Interested in learning more about our future products? Visit the new Lattice Product Updates hub. 

Not a Lattice customer? Request a demo to discover how Lattice's new and existing features can help uplevel your company's HR strategy. 

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