Make the best business decisions with real-time insights about your people: Introducing Lattice Pulse

September 26, 2019

Understanding where your employees find joy or dismay in their work is powerful. Most companies run one or two employee surveys per year to uncover where their experiences can be improved to optimize for engagement at work. Reviewing and analyzing the results is one thing – acting on them is another. Today’s people teams leverage employee engagement data to help inform decisions about which programs or initiatives should be strengthened, prioritized, and how to optimize for great employee experience and company culture. But how do you know if all of those efforts impact engagement for the better?

Collecting employee feedback once or twice a year is simply not enough. Engineering, operations, sales, and marketing teams alike rely on a constant stream of real-time data to make the best decisions possible. Today’s HR teams need the same: a continuous understanding of the voice of their employees. HR teams can make the best decisions possible for their business by leveraging live insights about their people. This is today why we’re introducing Lattice Pulse – to help people teams understand their company’s heartbeat. 

Pulse, combined with Lattice Engagement and Lattice Performance, makes Lattice the only platform that delivers a continuous, real-time understanding of your people and company culture.

With Lattice Pulse, you can:

Uncover in-the-moment engagement insights

Leverage Pulse responses to discover how you can drive engagement at your company and squash attrition concerns before they become problems.

Democratize relevant, real-time employee experience data

Share learnings and metrics with your team and people leaders so everyone can be fully informed at every moment.

Make the best business decisions

Contextualize deep dive engagement survey data and performance data with real-time Pulse insights to gain a rich and comprehensive understanding of what your company should prioritize.

Understand the impact of your actions

Observe how new initiatives and changes impact the employee experience in real-time so you can course-correct or double-down.

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