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Articles, videos, and books on how to build a strong company culture.

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Company Culture Overview

Company culture refers to the values, beliefs, and attitudes that serve as guiding principles for every member of an organization. There are different types of company culture, but ultimately you want a culture helps keep everyone on the same page, making it much easier to reach company goals and serve customers.

There’s a reason millennials say that culture is one of the most important things they consider when looking for a new job. When culture is good, employees can’t wait to show up and contribute every day. They are quick to help their colleagues and eager to come up with new ideas to make their company even stronger. A great company culture is one that treats every employee as an individual and are committed to helping each of them develop professionally.

If you want your company to stay competitive, you need to create an enjoyable and supportive culture that people feel connected to. A great company culture means never having trouble finding talented employees to work for them. Not only do existing staffers tell their friends about how awesome it is to work for their employer, many applicants will come your way organically because they’ll want to be a part of what you’re doing.

Most companies don’t actively work at shaping their culture; instead culture “just happens.” If you want to know how to change your company culture, you have to understand what is working and what isn’t. Basically, if you don’t proactively address company culture, you’re not forgoing it altogether -- something reactive will appear in that vacuum, and you won’t be able to control. Company culture shapes employee motivation, and a lack of interest in your company culture will show in your employees’ work and productivity.