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Breaking Barriers: Achieving Peak Performance with a Healthy Mind

High performance or employee wellness? HR leaders can often feel like they’re stuck in a position where they have to choose between the two. But, it is indeed possible to drive peak performance and business results, while maintaining a great culture with happy, healthy and motivated employees.

In this episode of ‘For The Love of People’, we welcome Lattice’s own Jon Chemouny and guest speaker Ines Rath, Co-founder of Nilo Health and expert on employee mental health, to break-down the barriers between performance and wellness. From exclusive new research, to actionable advice you can implement in your own organisation - this will be a must-see session for HR practitioners and business leaders alike.

In this webinar we'll cover:

•  The pendulum swing between people-centric and company-centric approaches

•  What employees say they need to perform at their best

•  New data on burnout and employee wellbeing

•  How to prioritise mental health while driving better business outcomes

•  The ROI of mental health and wellness support

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