HR’s Guide to Performance Review Questions

HR’s Guide to Performance Review Questions

How you structure performance review questions will have a significant impact on your next review cycle and the data you collect.

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All Resources HR's Guide to Performance Review Questions

There’s two ways to frame performance review questions:

Likert Scale exmaple

Most review questions feature a Likert Scale that measures the attitudes and behaviors using answer choices that range from one extreme to another. Unlike a simple yes / no question, a Likert scale allows you to uncover degrees of opinion.

Example Likert Scale

Style of performance review questions

Keep in mind...

While it may sound counterintuitive, it’s totally okay to have two different objectives and review styles in your review. For some review periods (i.e. annual reviews), you may want to gather information that will both help the employee (development) and the company (evaluation), and that’s fine! As long as you’re thinking critically about the structure of the review and know what information you want to gather ahead of time, you’re on the right track.