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What is Resources for Humans?

Resources for Humans is Lattice’s community for People Ops professionals. It’s a safe space for HR Professionals to ask questions and share their knowledge and experience with others!

I want to invite a friend to RfH, why can’t I add them?

We keep the group private to ensure there are no vendors or special interests joining the group! If you have a friend or colleague in People Ops who should be in Resources for Humans, have them apply here

I applied — how long will it take for my application to get approved?

Applications are reviewed by an RfH admin once a week.

How do I add Resources for Humans to 
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Follow these instructions.

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Who moderates this group?

Grace (Lattice) is the community manager. RfH Ambassadors also help moderate this Slack community.


We have a range of channels that you can join. This is a curated selection (and you’ll be added into some automatically when you first join) so check the Slack group for the full list!

NOTE: We can’t cover everything, but we can try! Suggest channels you’d like to see added to Slack here

Resources for Humans
# introductions

You will be added automatically but your first post should be in this channel so the community can say hi 👋

# benefits

Discuss all of the benefits (non-wage compensation) provided to employees in your companies

RoryHi everyone, does anyone have experience with unlimited PTO that includes sick pay?

DerekHello folks, I'm looking to build a policy to accompany our wellness program. Does anyone have any policies they could share for their organization?

# compensation

A channel to talk $$$ (W2s, salaries, severance, and more)

JulianDoes anyone have a compensation philosophy that they are willing to share?

# culture

Company values, team habits: talk about life in your organization!

GraceHi all, anyone have virtual group-friendly games to share?

AnnetteWhat are your favorite things to promote a culture of recognition?

# diversity-inclusion

Discuss and share diversity & inclusion efforts in your team or larger org!

DianaWhat diversity recruiting job boards/sites have you actually seen ROI from?

LucHi all! We are spinning up our first ERGs and wondering if anyone has an ERG playbook in place or any resources you found particularly helpful?

# hr-tech

Discuss software and technology options that can help your orgs run more successfully.

AlexWorking in an HR consulting firm with multiple clients — what tools are you using to be more efficient?

CharlieBest affordable HRIS?

# job-board

For sharing job postings! Find and post Recruiting/HR/Culture-specific jobs on our Job Board

ErinAre you a strong manager? Have experience in People Operations? Looking for a job in SF? We are hiring a Senior Manager, People Operations leader!

# learning-development

Always be learning: share how your org is helping employees grow with training, courses, etc.

MinyoungHi All! I am looking to get PHR certified. Any free/inexpensive resources you would recommend?

PaigeI am looking to create an L&D strategy for the rest of the year and would love to plug my ideas into a timeline using a strategy template — does anyone have anything you've used that you could share? Thanks!

# legal-compliance

Get ahead of any potential legal problems by fact-checking with other HR professionals in this channel.

ChaseHi everyone! Trying to get some insight into the new US Public Health Emergency Leave.

DamienHi everyone! Trying to get some insight iHello, does anyone have a sample NDA that the recruiting team can send to candidates about classified company information?nto the new US Public Health Emergency Leave.

# onboarding

How do you set up new employees for success? Share tactics here!

AndyHow are you managing remote on-boardings and I9 verifications?

LucHi all. I'm currently designing an onboarding manual at my organization. Does anyone have a sample they are willing to share?

# performance-mgmt

Any and all conversations about performance management in your team or organization belong in this channel.

JaredDoes anyone have experience creating a competency framework? We would like to have this to define managerial leveling (and eventually compensation).

AmyOk, best - favorite performance review questions and/or format? Ready, Go!

# remote

Have virtual teams or teammates? Keep them in the loop with the right policies and tactics.

JamieDoes anyone have any ideas of remote team building activities for a large group?

OliviaHi folks! Wondering if anyone has great remote All Hands resources? We’re piloting a virtual All Hands and would welcome pro tips!

# talent-acquisition

Recruiting 101 and all the troubleshooting needed to go with it.

ElliotI'm working on calculating cost per hire and need to make sure I'm factoring in everything. Does anyone have a template checklist I could borrow?

MeganHey everyone - does anyone have any best practices for conducting virtual interviews?

# tuesday-topics

Every Tuesday, the community will dive deeper into just ONE topic.

Grace@here What are your favorite tools/software that you're using to keep remote teams connected and productive?

# ambassadors

GraceWelcome to the private channel for RfH Ambassadors to connect and collaborate with each other!

We also recently started some regional channels so you can start connecting with HR professionals near you. To find them, just look under Channels in your sidebar! Pssst, we want to start holding RfH IRL meetups so you can meet the people you’ve been talking to online in real life! If you want to host a meetup, 
let us know — all meetups will be announced in their respective location channel.

Pro tip: These channels can also be fun resources if you have travel coming up!

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