Optimize manager and employee performance

Peak business performance relies on peak people performance. Lattice can help you achieve both.


Drive efficiency with a unified people platform

Improve manager effectiveness and uncover insights that reduce attrition, administrative burden, and other inefficiencies that negatively impact your bottom line.

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Peak performance starts with your managers

Employees reporting to effective managers are more likely to be high performers. Give managers the tools they need to optimize their team’s performance and become better coaches.

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Optimize employee engagement with AI

Disengaged employees take a toll on productivity. Leverage AI-powered insights to improve employee engagement, and connect engagement and performance data to understand what drives top talent.

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Frequently asked questions

How can HR software help a midsized business?

Midsize businesses have unique challenges. The more you scale, the more you need to scale your people processes to keep up. By providing structure to how you drive employee and manager performance using HR software, you can ensure that you know where your high-performing talent is, and where there may be gaps.

How can HR management software help midsized businesses with employee retention?

HR management software helps midsize businesses with employee retention by providing tools that improve employee engagement. By gathering real-time feedback and surfacing insights that will help you understand what drives your top performers, you can create a winning culture that they want to stay in.

What features do midsize businesses need from HR software?

Midsize businesses need HR software that can grow as they scale, and that is easy for employees to use. It’s also critical for leadership to have access to team sentiment, engagement, and performance analytics to make important business decisions. Commonly needed features include ways to make managers more effective, to manage performance and talent reviews, and to measure and improve employee engagement.

What is the ROI of implementing HR software for a midsized business?

A study conducted by Forrester found that Lattice had a 3-month payback period, with an average of 195% ROI. Calculate what your company’s ROI could be with our interactive ROI estimator.

How does Lattice help midsize companies implement new HR software tools?

Lattice’s award-winning customer support team include Production Adoption Consultants who will roll out software to your company in a personalized manner. We also provide tool training for all admins, managers, and employees via Lattice University. Our comprehensive suite of integrations further supports the seamless implementation of Lattice within your full software tool stack.

What support does Lattice offer for growing HR functions?

Lattice supports growing HR functions by helping save time on administrative tasks for both employees and admins. Implementing Lattice will provide structure to your people programs that will support you as your team grows.

The Lattice difference

People get up in the morning and get excited to go to work when they have a sense of purpose, meaning, and growth. When they feel like they're contributing to something bigger than themselves.
Our leadership team did a complete 180. They went from saying ‘You can’t just fix a problem with a tool,’ to ‘I love Lattice. Can we also use it for OKRs?’ When I said yes, that was a huge positive surprise for our executives
Kimberly Nerpouni
VP of Talent Acquisition and People Ops

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