Taking Data Connectivity to the Next Level with the Lattice API

February 12, 2020

We recognized early on how important it is to draw connections between people-focused data sets. When you can see all the dimensions of a person or your collective people, you have the opportunity to understand your teams completely. A little over a year ago, we released Employee Engagement Surveys with reporting and analytics directly tied to your performance data to draw more of these connections in Lattice. 

But not all of your important data lives in Lattice. There are vast amounts of people insights waiting to be uncovered from data in your analytics tools, in chat platforms, operational data, and even customer outcomes.

So today we’re releasing the Lattice API. Our API is built to help developers and analytical People teams deeply understand and make an impact on the employee experience by continuing to connect disparate systems and datasets in order to gain the most actionable insights humanly possible.

With the Lattice API, we want to ensure our customers can accomplish three key things:

  1. Analytical Agility: Developers & Analysts alike need the ability to do more with data and people insights. We want your People Data to work for you to give you more power and more insights, faster.
  2. Data Ownership: You own your data and should be able to easily access and do what you want with it, whenever you want. The Lattice API gives you more ways to take advantage of your data on your terms.
  3. Integration Flexibility: Every tech stack is different and built to work for your business. The Lattice API expands integration opportunities beyond current limits.The Lattice API expands integration flexibility beyond the limits of what we offer today.

We're inspired by what our customers are doing with the Lattice API. They're connecting performance data to an analytics platform that houses other relevant data from every stage of the employee lifecycle: application, interview, and even offboarding information to get smarter about optimizing moments along the journey. We're watching them combine people data with customer and financial data, understanding how performance connects to business outcomes to start answering the question: when our employees deliver amazing customer or business outcomes, what qualities and behaviors are they exhibiting? And we're seeing them build transparency and strong culture by making Goals and Praise more pervasive — injecting them into more places where people already work.

If you're interested for more on the Lattice API, head over to our webpage, check out our developer documentation, or get a demo from a product expert today.

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