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Analytical Agility

Developers & Analysts alike need the ability to do more with data and people insights. We want your people data to work for you to give you more power and more insights, faster.

Data Ownership

You own your data and should be able to easily access and do what you want with it, whenever you want. The Lattice API gives you more ways to take advantage of your data on your terms.

Integration Flexibility

Every tech stack is different and built to work for your business. The Lattice API expands integration opportunities beyond current limits.

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Connectivity to impact
the employee experience

Cultural Alignment & Transparency

Inject OKRs into every conversation, make praise pervasive, and ensure your whole company is aligned by connecting Lattice to operational and collaborative systems

Connect Lattice To —

Your Intranet, Knowledge Base, Company Chat, Public Dashboards

Advanced Analytics & Insights

Contextualizing Performance & Engagement metrics to other sources of People data leads to richer analysis, more robust visualizations, and ultimately, a greater understanding of people, culture, and their business impact.


Analytics Platforms, Data Visualization Tools, Data Warehouses

Connect People Data to Business Outcomes

People strategy is business strategy, and that means people are the key driver of business performance and outcomes. Leveraging people insights to enrich financial reporting, customer feedback, and operational data tells a complete story for people teams and business units alike.


Operational & Finance tools, Customer Feedback Platforms, People Analytics

Lattice API

Find out more about Lattice API’s technical details and capabilities in the developer documentation.

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