Accelerating Individual and Organizational Growth Through Everyday Feedback: Introducing Lattice Feedback Nudges

September 17, 2019

Feedback is fuel for growth – but at most companies, the only chance people have to get actionable feedback is during annual performance review season. Too frequently, by the time that comes around, the feedback given is stale, watered down, or forgotten altogether. Businesses today need to create organic feedback loops that act as growth engines for their teams: driving both performance and engagement. Otherwise, employees will feel as though their momentum has stagnated and won't be able to incorporate the feedback in order to grow individually as well as work more effectively toward business goals.

By sharing in-the-moment feedback between peers, direct reports and managers, or cross-functionally between teams, employees not only gain valuable and actionable information to improve their performance and feel more engaged in their work and with their teammates. That's why today we're making it even easier to give and receive feedback when it's needed and when it has the highest impact with Lattice Feedback Nudges.

Ensure everyone gets the feedback they need when they need it with built-in Nudges for feedback across the employee experience, everyone in your company will be getting the recognition, praise and feedback they need to do their best work.

In addition to Feedback Nudges, with Lattice Feedback, you’ll...

Never lose track of your accomplishments or the feedback that helps you grow:

Lattice is every employee’s dashboard to track personal and professional growth. Feedback and Praise is always centerstage so employees and managers can refer back to have high-context conversations about development or make writing performance reviews a breeze. 

Make giving, receiving and requesting feedback a part of everyday workflows:

Lattice Feedback is wherever you need it to be. You’re not always at your desk, but work is always happening, which is why we made it possible to engage with and give feedback from the places you already are, like Slack, Gmail, Outlook, or the Lattice mobile app.

Get feedback from exactly the right person whenever you need it:

Lattice makes it as easy as sending a text message to request specific feedback about projects, tasks, or general performance and collaboration from both teammates within your organization, or people you work with outside your company, to ensure you are getting a true 360-degree understanding of your performance.

Looking for more information on Lattice Feedback? Want to get started with Nudges today? Check it out on our our site or get a demo from our team.

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