Lattice Launches Its Platform In New Languages

Julian Clarke
Julian Clarke
September 5, 2023
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Lattice, the leading provider of performance management software that empowers business leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams and inspire winning cultures, today announced that its platform is now available in French, Canadian French, German, and UK English. Lattice’s product suite — Performance, Grow, Analytics, Compensation, Engagement, and OKRs & Goals — is now available in these new languages for all users. 

A snapshot of HR view within Lattice Analytics that displays French translations.
Say bonjour to Lattice’s Adoption Dashboard in French. 

“Our commitment to empowering teams worldwide to drive growth and performance has led us to this pivotal moment. This expansion not only broadens our international footprint but further aligns with our mission to create successful teams everywhere,” said Stan Massueras, International General Manager at Lattice. “We understand the challenges that global leaders face each day – they are focused on identifying and activating great talent, driving strategic clarity, and building a high-performance culture."

This news follows a year of international momentum for Lattice, which opened its first global hub in London in September of 2021. Lattice now serves 80,000+ users at over 500 organizations across 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Here’s how Lattice’s new platform languages will transform performance management for organizations worldwide: 

  • Teams based in French and German speaking countries can now access Lattice’s award-winning products in their preferred language.
  • Multinational companies can consolidate their HR tech stack without losing the functionality of tools that drive performance and alignment. 
  • Budding companies with global workforces can bridge communication gaps across multiple countries and cultures.
  • Global people teams will save time and resources thanks to the increased visibility around performance and growth insights across their entire organization. 
An employee’s view of the Lattice platform home page displaying a team overview, feedback, updates, and manager 1:1s.
Say guten tag to a seamless employee experience.

The release of Lattice’s localized products come at a time when companies are prioritizing the alignment, engagement, performance, and growth of their employees more than ever before. 

"When times of economic uncertainty often offer less perspective for growth, company culture becomes even more important to attract high-performing top talents,” said Gilles Bertaux, CEO at Livestorm. “Especially with a globally distributed, remote workforce, it’s incredibly powerful to have a platform like Lattice that can help to foster a high-performing culture across multiple languages and locations." 

Discover Lattice’s product offerings by visiting our brand new websites in French and German, or request a demo with a member of our team. 

You can also learn more about managing performance reviews in multiple languages in the Lattice library.

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