Turning a Stressful Process Into a Seamless One: Introducing Native Performance Review Calibration

February 4, 2020

Performance Calibration is the process in which managers come together to discuss the performance of employees and achieve agreement on performance review ratings to make sure that managers apply a consistent set of standards in making performance ratings. The process ensures a fair and objective review of past performance for each employee in relation to others in similar roles or levels, and that managers apply similar standards to all employees

Today, calibration poses a moment of high-stress for people teams and pain for managers at companies of all shapes and sizes.

Without a seamless calibration flow, the risk of data exposure from spreadsheet export-to-import whiplash can jeopardize the integrity of the entire process. That, with the need to keep managers in the loop with just the information they need, results in nothing less than splitting headaches for HR departments.

But what if we could eliminate that risk and ensure fairness, while making the experience painless for everyone involved?

Today we're introducing Lattice Calibration. Lattice Calibration turns a clunky, stressful process into a seamless and elegant one that ensures both processes and outcomes are equitable, and makes building trust in the people team inevitable. 

By doing away with the need for hundreds of spreadsheets and introducing a purpose-built, productized workflow for calibration, people teams can spend less time worrying about managing the process and more time focused on adding value to the organization the way nobody else can.

Lattice Calibration is designed for simplicity: admins can create Calibration Groups within a Review Cycle by selecting specific employees based on filterable attributes. That way, the scope of your calibration groups is well-defined and documented in the Lattice platform.

With the groups already created and stored in Lattice, sharing the most relevant information with the right people takes just a few clicks. That means no rogue spreadsheets, no information in the wrong hands, and no extra time spent dealing with data entry and cleanup.

Because Lattice Calibration puts the entire workflow inside of the platform, by the time you arrive at your calibration meeting, everyone already has what they need to get started quickly and you can run the meeting straight from Lattice, making any score changes right in the product.

It's seriously that simple — you can turn this stressful problem into a simple, solvable one with Lattice Calibration. Get a demo from one of our product experts to hear more about it or read more on Lattice Performance Reviews.

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