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“There is always a way we can improve to create a workplace where everyone can thrive:” Dianmarie De Jesus on Connecting Customers with Answers

December 16, 2020

Dianmarie De Jesus is a Knowledge and Content Specialist at Lattice, where she’s worked for over a year. Here, we talk to her about her unconventional path to the Customer Care team at Lattice, the ERGs she’s a part of, and her favorite day at work (so far).

How did you get started in Customer Experience?

They say that it’s okay not to know what you want to be when you are young, and I took that to heart. From working in a lab to managing help content for a SaaS company, I’d say my path has never been clear, which has been the most fun. 

Before I switched to SaaS, I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian. I worked at a zoo for a while, where I cared for and rehabilitated injured manatees. I eventually decided I wanted something different, but just as challenging, so I started looking for support roles in SaaS. 

Switching to this field has made me realize that I have a real passion for customer experience and content creation, and now I’m a very fulfilled Knowledge and Content Specialist!

What drew you to Lattice?

Before Lattice, I was looking for a company where I can continue to learn, grow, and have fun while doing it. I used Lattice as an employee in a previous job, and I fell in love with the product. I was instantly able to see the benefits Lattice brings to manager/employee relationships, so it was fitting that I would seek out my next challenge at a company I admired! 

One year later and Lattice has indeed proven to be a great workplace. I enjoy everyone I work with, have had the opportunity to take on a new role within customer experience, and have learned so much from not only my coworkers but the customers I work with every day. I mean, it’s literally in the tagline: “Make work meaningful.”

What’s your favorite part of working here?

The people. Although we are all working remotely, we make it a point to keep up the communication and work together. My team is fantastic — I can honestly say that I haven’t worked with a better group of people. 

Can I sneak in one more? The challenge. It was well worth going outside of my comfort zone, and I feel like I’ve grown and learned so many new skills (and still learning!) because of it. 

What ERGs are you a member of?

LOUD (Latticians Organizing for Unity and Diversity) & Lattice Ladies. 

As a Latinx woman, I am well aware of the additional obstacles that we have to overcome. I joined both LOUD and Lattice Ladies to help build a diverse and inclusive work environment. The work is never done — there is always a way we can improve to create a workplace where everyone can thrive. I am so proud to have a say in how Lattice helps foster that type of growth. 

Favorite Lattice Slack Channel and why?

Python Ladies! It’s a Slack channel I started so the ladies can hold each other accountable when learning Python. I ended up taking one of my favorite coding classes because of a recommendation!  

What’s something you’re passionate about outside of your job?

Traveling. It’s something I miss terribly, and I can’t wait to get back into it. It’s a great way to meet new people and challenge yourself.

Best day at work?

The best day at work was when Lattice announced our initiatives to help show up in the fight against racism. LOUD worked very closely with leadership to develop public, ongoing commitments that will hold us accountable and do our part to create lasting, meaningful change. 

Although we announced the commitments during our all-remote All Hands, the excitement and support we received from everyone in the company made this day special. It also allowed us to start thinking about how we can enact change individually. 

Cheez-Its or Goldfish?

This might be an unpopular opinion in the office, but I’m a Goldfish person; Which is great because it means there are more for me. Have you seen the rainbow goldfish? So stinkin’ cute.

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