Onboard your team with Namely

December 13, 2017

At Lattice, we’re building a modern performance management system that helps companies give employees the feedback they deserve. We know HR software is a constantly developing ecosystem, and we when we enter such an ecosystem we need to work with the software leaders in the space to make the HR team’s life even easier.

Part of that is making integration with HRIS useful as well as simple. That’s why we’re excited to announce that users of Namely can now import their entire organization into Lattice with a single click.

  • Automatically sync the employees you select from Namely to Lattice.
  • Mirror your reporting structure from your Namely org chart in Lattice.
  • Instantly create or deactivate users in Lattice when you add or remove employees in Namely.

To setup the integration in Lattice

Go to your company settings page, scroll to integrations, and click “Sync with Namely.”

Click here to go to our help center article on Namely integration, and follow the steps therein.

Your people are your business

Ensure both are successful with Lattice.

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