Product Updates: New Reviews Analytics, Faster Compensation Cycles, and More

February 14, 2024

At Lattice, we're constantly evolving to meet the needs of our valued customers. Since the start of 2024, we’ve released impactful updates to make you a more efficient, data-driven HR leader. Our latest feature releases reflect not only our commitment to innovation but also our responsiveness to your invaluable feedback.

Efficient and Fair Review Processes

We understand the importance of streamlining performance reviews while ensuring fairness and accuracy. That's why we've introduced several enhancements to make the review process smoother than ever before.

  • Report on In-Progress Reviews: You asked, and we delivered: Lattice admins can now monitor performance review progress across managers and departments. With detailed progress reports readily available, identifying teams needing additional support or reminders is now a breeze.
  • Simplify Your Managers’ Experience: Navigating the review process should be intuitive for managers. That's why we've revamped our user interface to make it easier for them to complete performance reviews and share results. Now, managers can find all the tasks related to their reviews process in one place, so they can complete performance reviews for their teams easier and faster than ever before.
A user's view of an upward review for managers.
Because the world's best managers deserve the world's best user experience.
  • Set Word Count Limits in Reviews: To optimize readability and consistency, admins can now set word count limits for reviews. This not only saves time for HR teams and managers but also promotes fairness across the board.

Streamlined Compensation Management

Details count, especially when it comes to employee compensation. With a series of recent updates, we’ve made it easier to upload and verify sensitive pay data. That’s peace of mind, plus time back in your day to focus on your most impactful work.

  • Review and Correct Compensation Data More Quickly: We've enhanced the Data Check page for compensation cycles to efficiently identify and rectify inconsistencies, saving admins valuable time while managing sensitive information. 
  • Upload Compensation Data for All Employees: Now, compensation admins can upload data for all employees, including those with a created or invited status in the cycle. This ensures a seamless process from start to finish.
A user's view of a compensation cycle, including pay band movment, projected distribution, and employee compensation changes.
Take the guesswork out of your pay strategy with Lattice Compensation.

Enhanced Engagement Features

Lattice’s engagement tools empower you to learn from (and improve) the moments that matter — from an employee’s first day to departure. Our latest updates make it even easier to administer onboarding and exit surveys and draw insight from them. 

  • Compare Onboarding and Exit Surveys Over Time: Gain deeper insights by comparing current survey results with past data or benchmarks. This feature empowers admins and managers to track progress and improve their practices..

  • Share Results for Onboarding and Exit Surveys: Employee engagement isn’t just your HR team’s business. Admins can now easily share survey results across the organization, fostering transparency and alignment.
An HR admin's view of survey results sharing.
HR administrators can share survey results with the click of a button.
  • Duplicate Onboarding Surveys: Setting up new surveys shouldn't be a hassle. Admins can now duplicate onboarding surveys with ease, streamlining the setup process effortlessly. Visit our Help Center for more.

  • Include eNPS Questions in Onboarding and Exit Surveys: Employee sentiment is valuable at every stage of the employee experience. Discover how employees feel at the beginning and end of their tenure at your company by adding eNPS questions during these transitional moments. 

Even the best HR teams could use some help with building high-performing cultures. That’s what we’re here for. Our latest updates underscore our dedication to listening, learning, and evolving alongside our valued customers. As we continue on this journey together, we invite you to explore these features and welcome your feedback. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the weeks and months to come!

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